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Submitted by troyhunt
troyhunt (548831) writes "It seems that Apple, as part of their demo and support processes, are connecting new Macs and iOS devices to an in-store Wi-Fi network without any encryption. Whilst not necessarily transferring any sensitive data at the time, the devices have been found to then willingly connect to rogue access points such as a Wi-Fi Pineapple as soon as they leave the store. Is Apple’s in-store process putting customers at risk?"
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Comment: Re:Time pressure and expected content (Score 1) 152

by porttikivi (#31263722) Attached to: The Grown-Up Video Game

I am 46 and the only games I play are New Super Mario Bros. and Mario Kart. I think it remains to be proven, that a computer game really needs a story beyond what Mario games have. It's all about flickering lights, controls, playability, rhytm, learning curve, balanced challenge... Just like sports is, except this is mental and finger candy, not physical! I want stories? I read books or go to movies!

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