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+ - Bank invites insecurity

Submitted by portrman
portrman (1660077) writes "I've been using a local credit union called First Tech for years and have been quite happy. But recently they decided to merge with another credit union so all members(customers) have to vote before it can go through. They used a 3rd party voting site called To authenticate myself, they required my account number plus part of my SSN. The email providing the instructions came from the 3rd party. I'm sure most reading this understand the huge security implications. Beyond the public shaming of posting this to Slashdot, what's the best way to impress upon my bank the security issues involved? See the site here:"

Comment: Love it! (Score 4, Funny) 265

by portrman (#32596782) Attached to: USPTO Lets Amazon Patent the "Social Networking System"
I love this, I hope Amazon tries to sue every Social Networking like site out there! Then we can watch it crash and burn. Most likely, they'll just hold on to it and claim it's value. Possible go after small dogs to gain a few pennies. But I'd love to see them try to hit up Microsoft/Google/MySpace/Facebook and probably several dozen other sites.

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