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Comment: Re:Windows 1.0 was barely usable (Score 1) 384

by porter235 (#34161198) Attached to: Recalling Windows 1.0 At 25 Years

Windows 1.0 was a complete joke - it didn't even support overlapping windows.

Personally I have learned to HATE overlapping windows and would love to have a tabbed & tiling window manager for Windows. (Need to use it at work) I now find that I work with two monitors with one application maxed on each.


+ - Your Input Needed->

Submitted by p_squiddy
p_squiddy writes: the Rabid Penguin is starting a campaign called "Free Ontario" to attempt to get F/LOSS noticed by all politicians in the Province of Ontario (Canada, eh?). Your help is needed to get this off the ground! In fact, without you, this is going nowhere fast. Anyone who wants to take part is welcome to join the discussion and get things moving. Ontario is just the starting point. If that goes well, maybe Linus' prediction can be made true for 2010...
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+ - Ontario pulls subliminal gambling machines

Submitted by
davecb writes: "Gambling machines made by a particular vendor have been pulled from Ontario casinos: it turns out that instead of a random sequence of cards shown before the (hopefully!) random result, every machine displays a 5-card maximum jackpot for just long enough to be recognizable.

Does this remind you, perhaps, of voting machines made by a certain video-gambling-machine vendor?"

+ - Website targets Ontario's 'deadbeat' parents

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: The Ontario government launched a new website today shining a spotlight on deadbeat parents in hopes of making them pay their court-ordered family support. In announcing the initiative last month, the government said the website would be another tool to help the Family Responsibility Office track down irresponsible parents. The initial launching of the website — — displays pictures of 18 deadbeat dads, with their vital statistics and last known locations. The site allows people to submit information about deadbeat parents anonymously to the Family Responsibility Office. The office has almost 188,000 active cases, with each one remaining open for an average of 12 years.
Article from the Toronto Star

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