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Comment Re:I don't miss cable. (Score 1) 448 448

If the various content providers could come up with a way that people like me could buy individual episodes of the shows we are interested in -- buy, not rent -- then they would lure me back. I'm simply not going to pay $100+ a month just to watch Game of Thrones, Doctor Who or what ever the flavor of the month is..

They've come up with at least four ways I can access right now: iTunes, Amazon Instant (not Prime) Video, Xbox Video, and Playstation Store Video. Each of these gets single episodes of most shows day after air. Yes, it's buy, not rent. No, you can't get Game of Thrones; cable premium shows are the exception. Doctor Who next day, yes.

Comment Re:You don't like voicemail? - boo fucking hoo (Score 1) 237 237

2. VM is the most efficient way to get spam callers out of your face. They know if they are transferred to voice mail there is no hope of getting a callback so 9 out of 10 times they just hang up and save you the trouble.

Not the ones I get. Their auto-thing knows that VM is picking up, so it marks it as a failure, and they call twice a day for months.

Comment Re:Education versus racism (Score 1) 481 481

You had parents. Sorry, but you had at least a parent, probably parents, and got told not to be an asshole.

These kids, unfortunately, don't have parents,

I see no indication from the news story that the East Side Community High School is an orphanage.

Comment Re:They tried to raise prices 20% unnanounced (Score 1) 392 392

Let me just randomly chime in and say that my Boston area TiVo/Comcast On Demand works perfectly. My understanding is that it uses an app over IP to select the program, but the actual playback is over a normal cable TV channel, with the app tuning it correctly. So watching On Demand takes up one of the TiVo's tuners, for instance.

Comment Re:It is not just the "extra" channels... (Score 1) 108 108

Someone has to foot the bill, making tv shows and content is expensive.

Otherwise what? They're going to start shoving ads down our throats?

Oh, wait...

I think it's fair to consider him writing in opposition to people saying "if we had ala carte channels, we could all get the same stuff for less money". So, keeping "the same stuff" is part of the goal.

To most consumers, "keeping the total of the country's payments to the networks the same" isn't a goal, to put it mildly, which is why the rest of his argument is useless.

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