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Comment Re:a good feature is pointy-hair boss territory no (Score 1) 212

The guy seems to be talking about some other crazy thing, where he says:

Asking the devices which connect to this vast complex network of networks to detect, and then transparently fix problems in the infrastructure without the permission of the administrators is, well, it’s absolutely the pinnacle of buzzword driven product management. Real pointy-haired boss territory.

-- "fix problems in the infrastructure?" What? This is working around problems. The phone isn't being asked to reconfigure everyone else's WiFi, which is what he seems to describe -- nor could it. So, again...what?

Comment Re:Draft Kings (Score 2) 174

This has been not explained well, so here's my try: to win big money, you do NOT try to maximize your expected score, you maximize your chance of taking one of the top spots, because those pay big. Given that everybody has their complete pick of all the players (ignoring salary cap), the strategy is to pick at least some players that do well that nobody else has picked. So if you know who the other players do NOT have, you can find a few of those that you have some hope might suddenly have a big week and give you lots of points. That's half the battle; the other half, that you can't control, is getting those players to actually do well.

Comment Re:Be prepared to wipe your phone at any time? (Score 1) 108

Isn't the picture just window dressing, though? The ransom is to unlock your phone, not delete your picture. (The FBI warning is obviously fake.)

I think "wipe and reinstall" on iOS is no problem, because that's what it does when I get a new iPhone: during setup it logs into your iCloud/iTunes/etc and replicates everything from your old phone onto your new phone (except passwords). I'd expect wipe and reinstall to do the exact same thing. Android, I don't know.

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