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Comment: Re:LOL LOL OMG.. HAHAHAHA (Score 1) 543

by roman_mir (#49614407) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Announces Bid For White House

The US economy is one step away from anarchy compared to either North Korea or East Germany

- ha, if by one step from 'anarchy' you mean the Federal Reserve bank, the IRS, FDA, EPA, FCC, FBI, FDIC, DHS, FHA, departments of agriculture, business, interior, education, health care, labour, etc. Sure, 1 step being 99% of what governments (federal and state and municipal) do.

Comment: Re:Backup Generator replacement? Not so much (Score 1) 309

by Waffle Iron (#49614331) Attached to: Tesla's Household Battery: Costs, Prices, and Tradeoffs

Ok, I'll grant that I could understand your first sentence. However, if it were really a problem, installing a heating loop under the array would fix the problem at the touch of a button. For the DIYer, some plastic tubing, antifreeze, and aquarium pump, and a 5 gallon tank of propane would do the job. I'll also point out that although it snows frequently, that's not typically a disaster. It's also only been 200 years since a mammoth earthquake that would, if it happened today, paralyze this nation for months. That's only three lifespans, so the odds of witnessing that again may not be as low as you assume.

Your entire second paragraph is an incomprehensible bowl of word soup. You seem to be advocating that 50 million people without gas hop in their cars and find a hotel in a different region of the continent.

Your last paragraph disregards the whole point of the damned thread: that you can recharge the batteries indefinitely without fuel. Even when keeping a dangerous amount of volatile gasoline on your premises, you get a couple days max of electricity generation, and as I pointed out, natural gas generators are no panacea either.

Comment: Re:LOL LOL OMG.. HAHAHAHA (Score 1) 543

by roman_mir (#49612623) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Announces Bid For White House

Actually very few really understand how it works today, which is why it will not be fixed, because the way that people think they understand it is wrong, they don't see the actual problem so the solution cannot be understood if people don't understand the problem in the first place.

Comment: Re: "If you have nothing to hide..." (Score 1) 201

You must not have ever worked for CVS, they leech money out of the community, pay people crap, and claim they are "managers" (to avoid OT). I think these economic issues are exactly part of the problem these rioters are protesting. Heck, the Senior Center is just bread and circuses for the "Seniors" that have been discarded as too old to be useful.

Comment: Re: They did this with Occupy Wall Street (Score 1) 201

Bullshit. There were plenty of people speaking out against it, and plenty of people trying to stop it. They just weren't in the right place to do anything about it.
The Supreme Court would have stopped the Trail of Tears. That part of American history is directly responsible for the existence of the US Marshall Service.

There are plenty of parallels to our treatment of Native Americans historically and our treatment of the poor today. It's just harder to resettle and eliminate the poor.

Comment: Re:They did this with Occupy Wall Street (Score 1) 201

Around here the government likes to create a "redevelopment commission". They try to steal employers from neighboring communities under the guise of job creation. They do this by handing out tax incentives, so it spreads the damage to both the communities getting the jobs, and the communities losing the jobs. Never mind the type of management that jumps on these "opportunities".

What really chaps my ass is the low quality of the jobs they attract. They will spend gobs of money and trumpet 100 jobs coming to an area (hell, they'll trumpet 3 new jobs if they get the chance). Meanwhile, these jobs are $12 /hour, permatemp style jobs.

They also rebuff any attempts at transparency whenever anyone tries to find out how they are spending taxpayer funds. Since they are a separate entity from the government that spawned them, they claim they aren't beholden to the tax payers and don't fall under FOI requests, etc.

It's sick!

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