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Comment: "cluser" means easy (Score 1) 302

by poppopret (#39853009) Attached to: Congress Wants To Resurrect Laser-Wielding 747
It's easy to destroy all the warheads, decoys, and chaff. This is a trivial problem, really. None of those can deviate far from any of the others, and in space there is no place to hide. One ABM warhead can take out the whole bunch. Yep, nothing says an ABM system can't also be nuclear. Not that North Korea or Iran will be deploying advanced end-of-cold-war ICBMs any time soon of course, but the solution is trivial if they ever do.

Comment: obviously...modest ??? (Score 1) 402

by poppopret (#39852923) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Building A Server Rack Into a New Home?

I'm building a house, and obviously I want a modest network built-in.

No, it's not obvious. This is Slashdot. If anything, it's obvious that you want a completely immodest network for completely immodest uses.

Let's start by assuming you want to steam uncompressed 36-bit 400 FPS 8K 3D video from multiple angles in every room. You want it streaming in too, to giant displays covering every surface. Don't forget to display video on the ceiling, floor, doors, toilet tank, toilet lid, exterior roof, and driveway.

Each room will thus require about 15 Tb/s symmetric. You can get this by using wavelength-division multiplexing on your fiber with a few dozen colors of light. Alternately, a fat bundle of 100 Gb/s Ethernet should do the job. It'll be as thick as your arm. Maybe you'll want to do that for each room, saving the wavelength-division multiplexing for the links to your peering points.

Comment: they ARE the fittest (Score 5, Insightful) 374

by poppopret (#39851823) Attached to: Is Humanity Still Evolving?

Evolution doesn't have a value system that prefers education, a comfortable life, or the ability to exist without government help. Personifying the inherently unthinking force of evolution, we might say that evolution cares about exactly one thing: the number of creatures in the Nth generation with similar DNA. Adapting to the environment is key, and note that our current environment does include government services. Fit organisms take full advantage of the environment to maximize reproduction.

Fitness can mean screwing up the birth control or deciding that God would disapprove. Fitness can mean a non-reproducing individual (gay, elderly, too ugly, whatever...) finding dates for siblings and cousins. Fitness can mean getting the kids taken away by the government (they'll survive) so that time can be focused on activities that might produce more.

It's only in a difficult environment, like Finland a few centuries ago, that fitness means the traits that most of us respect: hard work, planning ahead, faithfulness, etc. We have changed the environment, and now it will change us.

Comment: Re:Code quality (Score 1) 194

by poppopret (#39702971) Attached to: MATE Desktop 1.2 Released

How much would they have accomplished if it was a nice clean codebase?

If it would be more, then I'm glad they have a mess. The whole point here is to STOP SCREWING WITH THINGS. It's not broken and it doesn't need fixing. GNOME 2 wouldn't need any changes at all except for the fact that GNOME 3 has claimed the "gnome" name and thus forced a name change.

Really, it's OK to go decades without significant changes. It ought to be infinity, but security holes pop up and sometimes an idiot breaks the underlying platform.

Comment: yes it is buggy (Score 1) 147

by poppopret (#39501775) Attached to: GNOME 3.4 Released

So far I've hit two xfce bugs.

I had xfce save it's session without the window manager. (so no window borders, all windows in the top left corner, and unable to change the stacking order) I never asked for the session to be saved, certainly not in some crazy state, and I don't see why the window manager should be a forgettable item in the first place. I had to start the window manager from the command prompt, then go into the session part of the settings tool and tell it to save the session. Note: all non-hackers would have had to reinstall the OS. (hit this on Debian)

I had the desktop switcher decide I only get to have 1 desktop. This bug is absolutely maddening. I can switch it back, but the setting won't stick. Every time I restart, I get only 1 desktop, just like Windows. Arrrrrgh! Hate, hate, hate! Multiple desktops are **extremely** important to me. I found the XML file where xfce fucks up, writing a bad config for itself, and used chattr to set the immutable bit. Somehow, xfce is still able to fuck up. (hit this on Mint mainly, but also Ubuntu and Fedora and Debian)

I miss GNOME 2.

Comment: New Hampshire trails clear? (Score 1) 618

by poppopret (#39435823) Attached to: Historic Heat In North America Turns Winter To Summer

So, does this mean I can go hiking next week? (without causing my death)

How about the paths up Mount Moosilauke and Mount Jefferson? How about the trails up to the ridges of Franconia Notch? Ice all melted? Slush gone yet? What kind of temperatures would I get ON TOP (not in the valley) at those locations?

Comment: creepy dystopia you have there (Score 1) 557

by poppopret (#39150263) Attached to: NYC To Release Teacher Evaluation Data Over Union Protests

Provides comprehensive day care / early childhood education starting at 8 months

This is wrong. An 8 month old child should be with mom. Even the Soviets figured this out: in Soviet Russia, mom loves you. Also, an 8 month old ought to be breastfeeding. (for real, not pumped)

receive periodic visits to ensure child safety.

...and if they don't want intrusive monitoring?

Comment: Re:meh... (Score 1) 276

by poppopret (#39105721) Attached to: Test-Tube Burgers Coming Soon

It's exactly the same process which occurs naturally in a growing animal.

Exactly, except that the "blood" will be mostly corn syrup. The fat and amino acids in the "blood" will probably come from soy. Just like soy burger, this won't be available without coloring and flavoring added. I have no doubt that vat meat in theory could be way better than animal meat, and no doubt that in practice it will be worse.

You can see in the article that they are now trying to grow fat cells, then make a burger. Yuck. I'd much rather stir fry it with some coconut oil and mushrooms, but no they'll never offer that option.

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