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Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 2) 572

Wait. Seriously?

I don't vote in the USA, but claiming that "one" party is the "honest" one, and the other isn't... is borderline hilarious.

They're all a bunch of crooks. The discussion of who's a bigger crook is laughable.

The reason that this election is different (Sanders and Trump) is because people have seen through the BS on BOTH sides of the US Government. The democratic establishment and the republican establishment alike are both equally terrified that their "chosen" horses might not win the race, and might get one-upped by the second-string horses that were just there to make the whole thing look legit.

Comment And how long until programmers are unemployed? (Score 1) 317

Right now, at the peak of the biggest tech bubble in history, programming seems like a pretty sweet gig.

Except we are one significant market-swoon away from hordes of unemployed programmers looking to peddle their non essential skills in a job market not looking for them.

Coding is a great skill to have. All the best coders I know got started on their own. If you need a class, you're probably not going to ever be particularly good.

Submission + - Did the FTC just kill Native Advertising? 2

popo writes: Native Advertising, or advertorial content that's camouflaged to mimic a site's original content is all the rage among web publishers these days — (cough, Slashdot, cough) — particularly as ad-blocking takes a bigger and bigger bite out of traditional web-advertising revenues. Well today the FTC reiterated its position on native ads and may have just slammed the door shut on this "alternative" form of online advertising. The verdict: If it's not clearly marked "advertising", it may be considered misleading. And by misleading, the FTC means illegal. Of course, from an adblocking perspective, once you clearly indicate something is an ad — you make it all the more easy to block. Which defeats one of the primary goals of native ads to begin with. Did the FTC just kill native advertising?

Comment More than that actually. The bananas are better he (Score 4, Interesting) 199

The Cavendish banana is a tasteless, waxy disaster of a fruit.

It is the banana equivalent of the cardboard-flavored Red Delicious apple which has been so over-engineered for shelf-life and shiny skin that all traces of flavor vanished long ago. The fact that people still eat Cavendish bananas, Red Delicious apples and various varieties of ludicrously orange oranges with skins like pachyderms. is testament to the fact that American consumers really don't want fruit that tastes good as much as they want fruit that looks like it was rendered in a 3D program.

Here in Asia, other less "industrial-grade" bananas still exist. They are sweeter, more flavorful and won't survive a plane crash like your laboratory-born neo-fruit.

The death of the Cavendish could be a wonderful thing.

Comment Re: Elephant in the room (Score 1) 109

Which is why the *real* elephant in the room is *browser security* and the fact that javascript *still* isn't effectively sandboxed in 2015.

That alone would be a a shockingly big deal, but making it even bigger is the fact that the world's largest ad supported company also manufactures the world's most popular web browser -- oh, and bundles Flash.

Still though-- NoScript works. Don't kill off your favorite website just because out browsers are broken.

Comment AdBlock easily defeated anyway (Score 4, Insightful) 352

Aside from being defeated by loads of different adblock blockers (as well as the standard generated scripts) there are loads of networks like PageFair that bypass AdBlock anyway. So "letting" acceptable ads through strikes me as a best option in a losing battle.

Comment Oh it's worse (Score 4, Interesting) 133

Sodium benzoate causes cancer. They knew about it for years. When it looked like the whole story was about to break, they *silently* pull it and replace it with potassium benzoate.

Does that cause cancer? The jury's still out, but the signs aren't good.

Bottom line is, there's little doubt that KO pumped Americans full of carcinogens for decades. And the "new" alternative is highly suspect.

Comment Re:In the USA? Seriously? (Score 4, Interesting) 122

But was the company actively involved in the illegal activity?

It was it just some users.

Because YouTube is also home to hundreds of thousands of pieces of pirated material on any given day.

And my personal favorite copyright violation tool is Pinterest, whose entire business involves republishing and distributing copyrighted works.

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