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Comment: What a load of Wankel (Score 1) 359

by pookemon (#37684608) Attached to: Mazda Stops Production of the Last Rotary Engine Powered Car

Mazda does not have flashy green technologies in its lineup that its bigger Japanese rivals do — such as the hybrids at Toyota Motor Corp. or electric vehicles at Nissan Motor Co. The fading away of its prized rotary engine — although largely symbolic — is yet another blow

Skyactive? Better economy that the Prius (3.3L vs 3.9L) in their Mazda 2 range - and it's actually a "Real" green technology - unlike plugin eV's and Lithium based battery packs. It's a genuine reduction in Green house emissions, not a "We'll move the emissions from your exhaust, to the power station"...

Comment: Re:Shredder Fun (Score 1) 52

by pookemon (#37395308) Attached to: GE Unveils Fridge-Recycling Behemoth
Given the statement (From TFA) of "The URT system can transform refrigerator insulating foam into pellets for use as fuel or other products.". I'm guessing your last line is what they'll take. "Hey we recover it as pellets that you can burn - it's recycling!". So why not just shred the fridge, burn the product to product electricity to power the shredder and then refine the left over metals. Job done... Environment buggered.

Comment: Re:What about... (Score 1) 42

by pookemon (#36982200) Attached to: Low Violence <em>Red Orchestra 2</em> For Australia
Because of Trade agreements between countries which still make this illegal (Nevermind the fact that in Australia we have quotas on downloads so it'd have to be reasonably small for alot of people to bother getting it). Of course they could move all their operations to somewhere like Cuba where there isn't a trade agreement with Australia (that I know of) - but that'd be a little more difficult than what they have done, which is to garner free advertising by appearing to make their product "controversial".

Comment: Pirate? (Score 2, Interesting) 291

by pookemon (#36829234) Attached to: Suppressed Report Shows Pirates Are Good Customers
I guess it depends on which part of the piracy chain they are speaking too. Are they talking to the people who buy/borrow DVD/Blurays to rip and distribute them? The people that go to the latest release movies to video tape them? Sure, they are "good customers". Or are they talking to the people that download them from the forementioned "pirates" because they're sick of going to the movies to see something that costs a fortune, in an uncomfortable chair with no surround sound, half the picture off the screen and some annoying little shit kicking the back of their seat? Or perhaps they're talking about the kind of people that download them because they can't afford to buy the DVD, and rather than recording it off the TV they get a version off the net that is only different from the TV version because it doesn't have ads in it, though if they got the cable version it wouldn't have ads in it, so in reality there is actually no difference.

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