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Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 351

Developers making money is not a problem. Companies selling their computing infrastructure products with inscrutable software is.

There is NOTHING "inscrutable" about pf.

1. I didn't say pf is inscrutable. 2. pf is not the only software shipped on computing infrastructure products sold by some companies.

You just want to argue. Go away.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 351

Developers making money is not a problem. Companies selling their computing infrastructure products with inscrutable software is.

LOL! Let me ask you: Just how far are you going to move those goalposts?

There is NOTHING "inscrutable" about pf. Not only is it a standard FreeBSD package, but Apple also provides ample documentation of the pf.conf file. This is, IIRC, all of the typical documentation that any "computing infrastructure product" is provided with in Linux, right? Apple just chose to only expose some of the many capabilities of pf, most of which the vast majority of users wouldn't have an interest in, in their standard GUI for pf.conf.

Nothing "inscrutable" here. Just the typical design decisions when a GUI is overlaid on a sophisticated OS, whether we're talking about OS X, Windows or Linux. And you very well know that; so do the Internets a favor and STFU.

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 351

Why were you shilling for the $10 one then?

Because I hadn't run across the free one when I wrote the first post. And if you notice, the same guy is actually responsible for both projects.

And I wasn't "shilling", FFS.

And in case you hadn't noticed, it really ISN'T a fucking crime to want to make a little cash offa your development efforts. $10 probably works out to about .000013 cents per hour for him. Yeah, he's the next Bill Gates! You would think that a site frequented by so many alleged Developers would have more members that understood that; even the ones that strongly support, and/or contribute, to F/OSS.

Let me ask you a question: Do you have a job, Mr. Labowski?

Comment Re:Better Question (Score 1) 449

| I find dealerships very annoying because they don't want to sell you the car you want, they want to sell you one of the cars they have on the lot that day! Apparently their goal with every customer is to have them buy something the same day, not come back later to pick up the actual vehicle they wanted

The reason is simple. Dealers buy cars from the manufacturer using money they borrow from banks. More cars on the lot means more loans outstanding which they have to pay interest on.

Comment Re: Good (Score 3, Informative) 449

We don't force oil to be sold in anything at all.

It's that the sellers of oil prefer to be paid in dollars, because then they can do something with that money which is relatively safe and secure.

In any case, the bond market is much bigger than the petroleum market, and that is the source of dollar, and euro, dominance.

Comment Re:Windows 2000 was my last version. Here's why: (Score 1) 351

Everything gets sent to Apple servers

if you define "everything" as your Spotlight searches. And as you point out, it's very easy to opt out.

The real annoyance I have with Apple and OS X is that unlike MS, unless you have a Time Machine backup there is pretty much no way to easily step back to the systems prior state after an upgrade... unless you re-install the prior release and lose all applications and settings you had up to that point.

Which is EXACTLY what happens in Windows when you use a System Restore Point. And as you say, they "Sometimes work"; in my experience, about 25 percent of the time.

...and now the Windows.old folder ( that worked for me at least ) that you can back out the Win10 "upgrade" from.

LOL! Talk about damning with faint praise! Even Microsoft knows that Windows 10 is SO shitty that they HAVE to give you a way out!

Here's a thought: Howabout not changing 80% of the UI in one version-change? Howabout not building an OS that bends over backwards to soy on you at every single turn?

Compared to that, OS X is a model of good User Interface design (I.e, there are FAR more similarities between the 1984 version of MacOS and El Capitan than there are between Windows 7 and 8), and Apple is the bastion of liberty (easily-defeatable Spotlight Suggestions vs. a SECRET list of 100 URLs that your every KEYSTROKE and MOUSE-CLICK get sent to).

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 351

You don't have a decent free firewall for OS X?

That $10 application is simply a GUI front end for OS X's built-in Firewall. Apple just doesn't provide a GUI for configuring OUTGOING filtering. That's what the $10 product is for. It simply provides a GUI frontend for the more advanced features of OS X's "PF" (Personal Firewall). It's all in there; but no GUI for the Outgoing stuff. But that shouldn't be a problem for a Linux guy like you. You could simply use OS X's command-line to configure the outgoing filtering, as I said in my original post... ;-)

I believe you'll find Siri collects similar data if you want full functionality.

This is true; but Apple anonymizes the data. But yes, be careful with any voice-recognition on any platform.

Here's some answers to what is collected, how it is used, how your identity is protected, and when it is deleted.

Hell, I *also* seem to recall a post from the other day that mentioned that if you didn't pay for the music service that you couldn't search for music - I don't know how valid that is, some subscription thingy for the Apple Music Store or whatever they called it.)

Of course that's ludicrous. How could people find things to BUY on the iTunes store if they couldn't SEARCH? I expect more critical thinking from the likes of you... I think what you are thinking of is that there was a bug in the first version of iTunes that supported Apple Music that messed with some people's music collections depending on whether they were using "iTunes Match", but that was quickly fixed. ;-)

I'm off in Linux-land so I'm not terribly concerned

And yet you seem compelled to respond to nearly every post I make concerning Apple...

But, again, they [Windows Users] did consent to being tracked. They might not like that they did. They might not have been smart enough to read the EULA and understand it. But, they certainly gave consent either explicit or implied.

And yet you curiously didn't point out that "defense" when it came time for you to point fingers at Siri and iTunes; both of which contained EULAs, too...

Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving; and I look forward to our next sparring-match, LOL!

Comment Re:Cost of access is key. (Score 1) 328

0.01%? Some quick searching tells me that it costs $225M for a Soyuz launch with a full crew. Are you saying it costs somewhere near $22.5k to fuel up a Soyuz rocket? That's half the cost of fueling up a private jet.

And that's a pretty good comparison to use. If space travel were as affordable as private jet flight, which is far closer to Star Trek than it is to today's reality, it would still be only an amusement for the hyper-rich, unaffordable to the vast majority of earth's populace.

Comment Re:Windows 2000 was my last version. Here's why: (Score 1) 351

So MacOS "does the same thing" but doesn't exactly "do the same thing". There's a BIG difference between blowing something away entirely and just moving it off to the side.

If anything, it looks like Apple took the arrogance level down a notch or two.

I'm glad you could figure out what "chmod" was talking about. I thought he was talking about OS X Spying on you, like Windows 10.

By the way, what WAS he talking about?

Comment Re:Windows 2000 was my last version. Here's why: (Score 1) 351

And yet OS X does the same thing that is being complained about here.

If you're talking about Spying; you're dead wrong. Apple has realized that Privacy is a "brand differentiator", and so has avoided the baked-in Spyware trend completely on both OS X and iOS. This is one of the biggest reasons why Mac sales are up globally 16% Year over Year.

And we primarily have Microsoft (and Windows 10) to thank for that.

Prove me wrong, or STFU.

Comment Re:I think this is fair. (Score 1) 222

Port addresses are not part of the ISP's business, either. That is an internal matter for the networks/routers at source and destination, not in between.

If the ISP is doing NAT for customer traffic, they need to know the port addresses. The source and destination routers are not the only routers in the network. And if they are providing outbound connections only, they need to know what outbound ports are in use so they can allow the responses to get back while blocking the rest.

My ISP, for example, has absolutely no business knowing (or caring) whether I am doing SSH over port 22 or port 23456.

Knowing what ports are in use does not tell the ISP what kind of traffic is going over the connection. You would have a valid point had you said "whether I'm doing SSH or FTP" and stopped there.

It isn't essential for their services and it's private information.

How is what port you are using "private information"? It is in every outgoing packet you send. And it is essential for some kinds of service.

Further, if they intentionally redirect my packets, in any way that wasn't essential for internet routing, they're interfering with a private communication, which is illegal for a common carrier to do.

Ummm, so if they use a longer route for your packets because it is cheaper for them, it's illegal?

Comment Re:Windows 7 (Score 1) 351

Just like every other OS is heading or is already there? Always connected to the internet and always listening and watching what you are doing.

Speak for yourself. OS X doesn't do that crap. And the little that it does do they tell you about and is easily disabled.

And for those that would complain that OS X's built-in firewall (pf, which has now completely replaced ipfw) doesn't block OUTGOING traffic, apparently it can; but Apple has not made that available in the GUI. So, here's a nearly-free ($10) GUI manager for Apple's Firewall, that DOES support Outgoing controls, and is fully compatible with El Capitan. Full disclosure: I haven't tried this yet; but I think I will. BTW, if you're well-versed in the OS X Command-Line, you can do all this for free. But remember, you will likely have to defeat SIP on OS X 10.10 and above to write to /etc.

But all this stands in stark contrast to Windows 10, Spyware Edition, that produces a veritable flood of information back to the mothership, and which is relatively difficult to defeat, and even harder to keep defeated.

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