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Comment Mostly troll posts (Score 5, Insightful) 45

The current comments are mostly trolls and brain-dead idiocy. As typical for the new /.

It wasn't until around 1999-2000 (I think) that distros started replacing LILO with GRUB as the default bootloader. GRUB offered many new powerful features that certainly helped its adoption. That is not to say, though, that LILO didn't have benefits as well (and in some circumstances it still does). It's sad to see that such a pinnacle piece of software contributing to Linux's success is going to be discontinued by the project's primary developer. LILO is such an important part of Linux history that it deserves a place is some kind of "hall of fame". But, it's open sourced so maybe -- just maybe -- someone will pick up the project so that it doesn't die. If not then it will be fondly remembered by those of us who were using Linux back in the olden days (1994 was my first install). Even if it's not continued the source code is informative, but the trolls will not understand that and just keep on using whatever their bootloader and praising whatever it is without understanding wtf it actually does and how the boot process actually works.

Comment Re:Because we are distracted by "global warming" (Score 2, Insightful) 113

Sounds like a mindless anti-government screed.

Because we are distracted by "global warming"

Which is a real issue, despite your denial.

plastics and pollution of our bodies of water

Which are also real issues, mostly perpetrated by corporate slop and a refusal to pay for the externalities of their production.

hazardous chemical releases by our own government's negligence, and corruption of potable water supplies

Which was an accident by a contractor that further polluted a river already polluted by mining operations done haphazardly decades ago - mining that polluted heavily but the costs for which were pushed off on society at large.

Comment Re: Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 1) 184

All of those solutions lock the transferred file in the app itself, so you can only manipulate the file in the way that the app allows. Do any of them allow you to execute a windows exe off the device? I find it handy to have portable apps on my phone. Plug in a USB cable and they're all available.

No, once you have transferred the file, you can open the file in any App that understands the file type. iOS has a similar file type association scheme to any other OS. So, unless you get off doing stuff like manipulating JPEGs in a text editor on your phone, I'm not sure what you are getting at. Use any of the several VNC/RDP clients (I routinely use "Jump" to access my work's Windows servers from home over our VPN) and run your Windows environment. Which I would imagine is exactly how you would do it on Android.

Or you can use one of the remote keyboard/mouse Apps to run a computer within eyeshot. Some work with Bluetooth, most over WiFi. There might even be one or two that work over USB, I honestly don't know.

Comment Re:Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 1) 184

People end up jailbreaking because they expect certain features that, after purchase, they discover aren't available. Further, things like "the ability to copy a file to and from the phone" aren't going to hurt the "experience" as users who don't need that feature aren't encumbered by it in any way.

There are about two dozen (or more) File-Transfer Apps for iOS. Most just start up a little web server, and tell you where to point your browser to copy files to/from. Next!

What does hurt users, of course, are the missing basic features.

What "basic features" is iOS missing? Seriously, I really can't think of any "basic" features that iOS is missing, and although you keep trumpeting that phrase over and over, you have yet to come up with a list, and your "file copy" example is addressed in many ways. Fuck, GoodReader alone can talk to ftp, SFTP, afp, WebDAV, SMB, DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, IMAP, POP3, SugarSync (whatever THAT is),, and probably others by now, since I haven't updated the App in awhile. So, I'm not at ALL sure what you are talking about. And that's just ONE "File Transfer" App.

Comment Re:What's the leading reason for jailbreaking at a (Score 1) 184

Which is most common? I figure pirating might be kind of popular, but a lot of useful software is pretty inexpensive to begin with and how many people want a hacked candy crush that has free powerups?

Because a certain segment of the Chinese public seems to think that paying for ANY software is a sign of stupidity; and so they will go to almost any lengths to rip off even the most inexpensive of Apps.

Sorry, but these people are getting EXACTLY what they deserve.

Comment Re:Perhaps if Apple devices weren't so locked down (Score 1) 184

Less people would feel the need to jailbreak them thus making them totally vulnerable. Let's keep in mind that most of the Apple walled garden is to force people to use Apple services and pay for Apple products and nothing to do with security.

Even YOU don't really believe that; do you?

Comment Re:Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 1) 184

Headline leaves out the fact that this isn't just any old iOS malware. It affects only *jailbroken* devices.

That's a pretty important distinction.

Jailbreaking a device is in effect the same as installing a rootkit, so already at the first step here iOS has been severely compromised in a way it shouldn't have allowed. Yes, the user did install the rootkit (at least now, earlier there were drive-by iOS jailbreaks/rootkits) -- same way rootkits for Windows usually gets installed -- but for the OS to allow to be compromised this way is a security failing.

Boy, talk about damned if you do, and damned if you don't!

So, if Apple battens down iOS such that NO ONE can jailbreak, then the slashdot crowd whines that Apple is Teh Evilz, and if Apple looks the other way when someone jailbreaks, then they are lax on their security.

Which way do you guys want it, anyway???

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