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Comment: Satre was an embittered multiplayer game player (Score 1) 176

by idontgno (#47917125) Attached to: The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming

"Hell is other people."

My current game addiction is WoW. It's explicitly multiplayer, although you can pretend ("the illusion of single-player") that you're playing by yourself for a lot of the play. Until someone ganks you, or starts spamming inane bullshit in the yell channel, or you have to go into a pick-up raid to accomplish something (damn legendary cloak quests).

In that latter case, you run into the worst of people, all in a little 10-player or 25-player microcosm. Narcissistic douchbags, trolls (some of whom are actually trolls), lazy asses who expect you to carry them, clueless weiners who don't understand the fight and can't be troubled to learn...

Too bad for me I actually enjoy the game, except for the parts where the "multiplayer" part ruins the rest.

Comment: Re:What ? That's not biologically possible (Score 2) 96

Editorial responsibility one step above basic spelling, grammar, and sense* would have eliminated any submission citing IBTimes as source material. It's right up there with "Nothing submitted by Bennett Haselton" or "Nothing posted by Samzenpus**" or "Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line."

*Which is to say, two steps above what we have now

**Except that I notice that Samzenpus seems to be the only editor on duty lately. What an odd coincidence.

Comment: Re:and of course, the home server operators get nu (Score 1) 122

by GameboyRMH (#47911923) Attached to: The FCC Net Neutrality Comment Deadline Has Arrived: What Now?

Well look at it this way, with net neutrality your upstream home connection may be slow but the traffic would be as "important" as anything else - with a tiered Internet, upstream home traffic would be put in the Internet infrastructure's leper colony. Unless it's streaming video over Skype or something "important" (run by people who make deals with ISPs).

Comment: Re:It's not your phone (Score 2) 564

FWIW, some people weren't really ready for the arrogance of Apple deciding you really really really wanted this album. Those are people who clearly haven't been paying attention. As long as Apple is calling the shots, they know better than you, and they can prove it.

As to the "auto download not the default" setting, sure, the user had to switch it. If they were trusting enough to assume that THEY would be the ones who decided what music is in their own collection, that's a legitimate convenience decision. The mistake was in naively they controlled their music selection. I imagine they won't make that mistake again.

I, for one, welcome this event. Apple's customers need to be reminded of who's in charge. That way they can take the appropriate defensive measure when welcoming our fruit-themed entertainment overlords.

Comment: Re:Locked doors (Score 2) 380

by idontgno (#47909537) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

Did you know that the bodies of every criminal, unindicted, indicted, convicted, ALL OF THEM, are riddled with dihydrogen monoxide? ALL OF THEM. Their bodies are so heavily contaminated with the stuff that around 50% of their weight is this insidious substance!

We must BAN this potion of malefaction, this great insanity drug, this terrible criminal enabler!

If you're not a criminal, you have no need to pollute your body with this stuff. If your body is already polluted, purify yourself before it's too late!

Comment: Re: Requirements ? (Score 0) 129

by macs4all (#47906119) Attached to: Chrome For Mac Drops 32-bit Build

But there is also the corner case of machines like I have with a 64 bit capable CPU but only 32 bit EFI for which I am endlessly trapped on Lion (10.7). Which probably doesn't count in this case, but is always a source of endless bitching for me.

How are you "Endlessly trapped on Lion?"

Apple released the OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" for FREE over a year ago. One of the design criteria for Mavericks was that it would install on any Mac on which Snow Leopard would install. Since you said you were "stuck on Lion" (10.7), which is already 64-bit only, why would this be of concern to you?

Comment: Re:Not about ease, about authority (Score 2) 227

by postbigbang (#47903565) Attached to: School Installs Biometric Fingerprint System For Cafeteria

But there's no fingerprint, not picture, nothing to feed to big data some place. There must be control. Having a child outside of the system means an aberration. We must have no aberration. All must be tracked. There might be as much as $2.20 in theft! Imagine-- not eating those nutritious lunches, packed with carbs and "brain food"!

I've been fond of "up the system". Fingerprints. Yeesh.

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