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Comment: Re:Mod summary up! (Score 3, Informative) 482

by poodlehat (#36544754) Attached to: There Oughta Be a Standard: Laptop Power Supplies
I've been on the mailing list for this working group for about a year now (I am an IEEE-SA member but you don't have to be to be on a WG), and one of the first things I brought up is my tendency to drop my electronics :) A bit more detail, the current thinking is that it will use CAN 2.0 for the link layer but the physical layer is still being hashed out. The device needs communication to negotiate between the power adapter and the device to be powered. The device and power supply will communicate things like if it sourcing or sinking current (or capable of doing both), whether it is a battery, an intermittent supply like wind or solar, etc. It sounds pretty cool if manufacturers go along with it.

+ - New MMORPG Tries "Crowd Sourcing"

Submitted by
KingSkippus writes "BBC news is reporting that publisher Acclaim Games is working with developer Dave Perry to develop Top Secret, a new MMORPG using 'crowd sourcing.' It will be a commercial game with a paid professional core team that works with a larger volunteer community to develop the code, stories, art, and audio in the game. Perry says, 'With 20,000 people signed up we are already the biggest development team in history. We will end up with 100,000 people on this team. If 1% is any good, we are good to go.' Could this be a missing link that brings us commercial-quality community-developed gaming?"

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