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Comment: Re:3 cars plus one techie w/a persecution complex (Score 1) 371

by ponraul (#46699001) Attached to: Smart Car Tipping Trending In San Francisco
No. They're cars with petrol engines that get about 6 l/100km. Merces-Benz owns Smart and sells Smart Cars in the US market to offset all the E- and M- class cars which get around 9 l/100km in the CAFE. Personally, I'd feel safer driving in a Trabant 601 than one of these pieces of shit.

Comment: Re:Breed out the need for sports (Score 1) 253

by ponraul (#45990315) Attached to: How would you use science to innovate upon sports?
It's time to get over the nerd-jock dichotomy from high school and from all the sitcoms you watched. There are a lot of adults who play and train for sports who aren't at a professional level. They have long term goals for self-improvement and work everyday toward them. What happens in professional sports sets benchmarks for what they want to achieve.

Also, people need to be entertained. Even the hardline communists realised this. They invested in sport, entertainment movies, and music for exactly that reason in a system where they could have chosen to use all of those resources to establish a moon colony.

+ - Kevin Mitnick Testifies Before House Committee 2

Submitted by AliasBackslash
AliasBackslash (2719011) writes "Kevin Mitnick along with several other security analysts testified before the House Committee regarding the security of the website. From the article:

Kevin Mitnick, the former criminal hacker and founder and CEO of Mitnick Security Consulting, wrote: " retrieves information from numerous third-party databases belonging to the IRS, Social Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security, and other State agencies. It would be a hacker's wet dream to break into and potentially gain access to the information stored in these databases. A breach may result in massive identity theft never seen before — these databases house information on every U.S. citizen!"

Soon after this story hit the news, Mitnick posted this on Twitter"

Comment: Upsetting the Apple Cart (Score 5, Insightful) 371

by ponraul (#45517785) Attached to: FDA Tells Google-Backed 23andMe To Halt DNA Test Service
I can see why cheap and reliable genetic testing you can do without the intervention of medical industry is frightening. For one hundred dollars you can find out if you have markers that put you at elevated odds of hundreds of conditions. If this came from the traditional medical, you would have to go to a doctor who would release the results to your insurance company, it would cost about $1000, and you wouldn't even get to see the results yourself unless the doctor wanted to show you something.

I've done the 23andMe testing and it has been of value. I'm not in close contact with much of my extended family and have almost no contact with the family on my father's side. It doesn't claim to diagnose or treat diseases or traits. What it does do is tell you if you're at elevated odds for a few select conditions, along with heritable traits. This is can be invaluable if you don't know that much about the medical history of your family.

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