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Submission + - Apple libc insecure handling of word expansion->

bobo the hobo writes: It appears that Apple's libc's shell word expansion routine shells out to Perl in a highly questionable fashion.

/* XXX this is _not_ designed to be fast */
/* wordexp is also rife with security "challenges", unless you pass it
WRDE_NOCMD it *must* support subshell expansion, and even if you
don't beause it has to support so much of the standard shell (all
the odd little variable expansion options for example) it is hard
to do without a subshell). It is probbably just plan a Bad Idea
to call in anything setuid, or executing remotely. */

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Comment Re:3 cars plus one techie w/a persecution complex (Score 1) 371

No. They're cars with petrol engines that get about 6 l/100km. Merces-Benz owns Smart and sells Smart Cars in the US market to offset all the E- and M- class cars which get around 9 l/100km in the CAFE. Personally, I'd feel safer driving in a Trabant 601 than one of these pieces of shit.

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