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The Internet

+ - Anatomy of an Internet Scam

Submitted by pongo000
pongo000 (97357) writes "Here's a fascinating and rare look at the endgame of an Internet scam as it unfolds. What makes this account so compelling is how the scammer continues to draw in victims despite the clear warning signs of a scam in progress. It's all here: Greed, avarice, risk, regret, fear. The technique used by the scammer (exposed as the scam collapses) is especially chilling in its simplicity, and explains a great deal why legitimate Internet e-commerce sites are reluctant to ship to alternate addresses."
The Internet

+ - An update on the alternative DNS roots movement->

Submitted by pongo000
pongo000 (97357) writes "Salvia has written a concise update addressing the alternative DNS movement, where it's been and where it's currently headed. Of note is the demise of many of the altroots such as AlternNIC, the rise of FreeNIC from the ashes, and an attempt to merge both FreeNIC and OpenNIC in a renewed effort to provide the world with an alternative to the ICANN hegemony."
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United States

+ - Thwarting the Immigration and Nationality Act

Submitted by pongo000
pongo000 (97357) writes "Over the past few weeks, there has been a proliferation of software engineering ads in the Sunday Dallas Morning News classifieds. Page after page of supposedly legitimate software positions, almost all posted under the "Employment & Training Administration, Division of Foreign Labor Certification." Typical wages are on the order of $80-100K/year. One would think the IT economy is really picking up in Dallas! But who are these "mystery employers"? None other than our own US Dept. of Labor, host to the Office of Foreign Labor Certification, an organization with the mission of providing "guidance" to those companies who want to hire foreign workers. But in order to do this, said companies must demonstrate there are "insufficient qualified U.S. workers available and willing to perform the work at wages that meet or exceed the prevailing wage paid for the occupation in the area of intended employment." So in an effort to assist employers in their quest to hire foreign help, the DoL has established "Backlog Elimination Centers" (BECs), one conveniently located in Dallas (and the source of the aforementioned job ads).

Is this a fair use of taxpayer dollars? As members of the IT community, should we not be sending message to the government that importing foreign labor to fulfill IT jobs despite the fact that the number of IT jobs today is merely equal to the number of jobs that existed prior to the dot-com bust is simply wrong? What if the IT community banded together and flooded these BECs with resumes...would it be enough to put a dent in this abhorrent practice?"

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