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Comment Re:It's too late (Score 1) 429

There are two big problems with reducing CO2 emissions:

1) green energy, efficient cars and houses costs a lot, hard to convince people to cut on their lifestyle.

2) global competition: if industries in China keeps emitting will be more competitive, and it's kinda hard to convince

Deindustrialization has nothing to do with the problem.

About climate changing, the problem is not the change, is the speed of the change.

Comment Re:Regulating the regulators (Score 1) 364

>How can I trust any of the statistics you quote when everybody involved in the industry lies through their teeth? Which industry, Nuclear or Coal? I think those statistics are made by government and scientists not industries. Minimizing accidents (before and after) happens every time: Should we close chemical industries too (Bophal killed 11.000 people!)? What about dams (Banqiao Dam 171.000 deaths, Vajont 2000 deaths), will you support hydroelectric power only when you will get honesty and real accountability?

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