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Comment Playing the Trump card (Score 1) 86 86

I lost around 200 bitcoins in the first "crash"; it was very early on. Not widely reported.

I hope this guy spends some time in the slammer.

People also forget that such things happen with more than just Bitcoins. I wonder how much was lost when "The Donald" had his crash, and then somehow lept back up as rich as before as if he had just moved other people's money into a secret account.
There are a lot of such crooks about.

Comment Outcome as expected (Score 1) 86 86

Given the mass incompetence of how Gox was run

If people didn't mangle the name there should be no surprise - it's "MT GOX" as in "Magic The Gathering Online eXchange" - a card trading site for fucks sake people.
Typos like the one in the summary ("mount" Gox) and people referring to it as Gox without knowing why are part of the confusion that led to a reputation the site did not deserve. Hobby level bitcoin stuff behaved as expected. "Mass incompetence" in only perceived by people that thought it was a bank or some other thing it is not. It's like accusing a terrier for being incompetent because it can't do a drum solo.

Comment Re:HIPAA is irrelevant... attacks are past stoppin (Score 2) 40 40

Spot on. I'll bet in both cases there are plenty of stupid shortcuts that would induce facepalms or "I told you so" on a lot of the readers here.
Last year I had one idiot ask to put the phone system he was sometimes called out to work on onto the internet with telnet access - with no password! Another wanted direct RDP access to a machine over the internet. Neither of course seemed to have heard of a VPN or gave a shit about security - people who actually do what these idiots say are probably going to get burnt within days with the number of bots out there scanning for stuff.

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 285 285

You no longer pay for Mac OS, you pay for the computer and upgrades are free, even most Apple Apps. MS office was originally written for the Mac, and is even more ingrained with office 360. Adobe applications were also originally written for the Mac, and creative cloud is best on Mac. There are very small and expensive vertices market applications such as autodesk and Origin and the like that are windows only, but the cost of the computer is less than the software in these cases, and are one reason why upgrades do not happen because these are workhorse production machines that once set up are not changed.

Comment Re:Interesting argument (Score 1) 98 98

Congress decided by giving the FCC the authority. In a nation of over 300 million people no legislative assembly could ever hope to directly deal with every possible permutation of policy decision or interpretation. I doubt there has been a legislaturw since the rise of the nation state that could.

Comment Re:Why go without GPS? (Score 1) 30 30

Indeed, Titan the easiest large world to explore by drone, so long as they tolerate the cryogenic conditions. A highly efficient version could potentially fly continuously just on RTG power (there have been proposals along these lines), although anything adapted to deal with the added weight / inefficiency of hardware to carefully land, collect samples, carry them, etc would probably have to use flight batteries.

Comment Re:List of privacy violations (Score 1) 166 166

From what I could see, the features that actually invade privacy are optional. The collage was highly misleading, including such things as "Windows Update being mandatory" and "Malware protection only being able to turn off temporarily" as "privacy violations" when they're actually both just things that suck.

Comment Re: Truck Stops, Gas Stations, etc (Score 1) 869 869

I called you daft for not understanding the concept that someone who runs a swapping service station covers all costs related to their business activities and rolls them into what they charge for service, just like every other business does. I fail to see what is hard about this for you to understand. The answer to "who pays for X cost" is *always* "the service provider, with the costs indirectly passed on to their customers via the rate charged".

Really, you think that bad fuel can't damage an engine? It can and does. And it's the supplier who ultimately bears the cost. No, "bad electricity" is not a proper analogy (although your sarcasm in this regard is funny given how many devices are damaged by surges every year); a gas station fuels vehicles by insertung fuel into them, while a swapping station fuels vehicles by inserting pre-charged batteries into them. Batteries correspond to fuel in this context.

In what world do you live where car parts are regularly inspected by the manufacturer after being installed into the vehicle? Cars have hundreds if not thousands of parts more safety critical than a battery pack, and yes, manufacturers *are* liable if their failure modes due to damage pose an unreasonable risk of injury. Think of a famous failure case - say, for example, the Ford Pinto fires. Were the gas tanks defective? Nope. But the cars had an unacceptably bad failure mode in certain types of crashes, and it fell on the manufacturer to fix it - as it always does. A part must meet its use case, and if its use case is "deliver electricity from a swappable system and not burn the vehicle down if damaged", it has to contain the necessary safety systems to do that.

Lastly, you're still stuck in bizarro world where ICE vehicles full of combustible fuel are incombustible, whereas EVs with no combustable fuel and more often than not with batteries less flammable than a block of cheese (once again: *not all li-ions are the same*!) burst into flames left and right. Meanwhile, in the reality that the rest of us live in, the opposite is true. Heck, last summer I saw a flaming hulk of a passenger car with fire crews trying to put it out to extract the burned bodies of the two tourists who had been driving it. Meanwhile, Teslas and Leafs have been in many wrecks - go to Google Images and search for "crash tesla" or "crash leaf". Where are the fires from these oh-so-flammable vehicles? Yes, they have happened, but at a much lower per-vehicle rate than gasoline cars according to NTSB stats. Sorry, but your fire conceptions are just not based in reality.

Comment Re:Button to open system settings (Score 1) 354 354

Personally I rather liked the 8.1 way, which was kinda similar to how Android does things if you haven't set a preference yet - applications could cause a dialog to appear that showed them the available applications to do X and set one of them as the default.

I'd like Microsoft to change it back to that. Who knows, if we put enough pressure on them, rather than demand they stop beating their wives, they might do it.

Comment Re:How long and how varied (Score 5, Funny) 110 110

I'm really concerned that it might give children autism! I mean, imagine surviving an almost guaranteed fatal case of hemorrhagic fever, and the becoming autistic?

I think we have to ask ourselves "Would Jenny McCarthy give her ebola-stricken child this vaccine?"

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