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Comment: Re:If I were president... (Score 1) 111

by jandersen (#48210811) Attached to: Journalists Route Around White House Press Office

If I were president, $#% like that wouldn't happen... I'd leave it all completely open

I have no doubt that you are completely sincere about your feelings, but I suspect, if you were president, and anyway near competent and resposible, you would probably do exactly what all the others have done, more or less. Most of what any sensible leader does, is dictated by circumstances and whatever crap is left over from previous office holders. Just take the perennial question of that slightly parasitical, close friend of the US, Israel; several presidents have tried and failed to do anything about the Middle East, despite knowing what the root of the problem is. Good intentions are no match for reality.

Comment: Also for developers (Score 1) 107

by dbIII (#48208921) Attached to: Windows 0-Day Exploited In Ongoing Attacks
Writing a program that demands admin rights when it does not need them (eg. to put a lock file in the root of the system drive instead of elsewhere for a purely arbitrary reason) is even lazier.

Sometimes it's better to go after the root cause of the problem and get the developers that have been left behind to understand that it's the 21st century and their desktop software is likely to be running in a multi-user, networked, multi-core, 64 bit environment. There are far too many that can't even get ONE of those things in the list right which is a major part of why so many MS Windows systems are drowning in a malware swamp. We need to get away from the "we've always done it this way" culture of being acceptable when the way it's "always been done" only makes sense on single user systems with no network connection.

Comment: Re:Another failure of ZAW!!! (Score 2) 286

by MightyMartian (#48207511) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone

I don't know if it ever went as far as trying to get rid of sysadmins (Redmond has made no lack of money off of MCSEs and the like over the years), but they certain encouraged an attitude that command prompts, scripting and of the more "traditional" methods of system administration had been rendered obsolete; or rather, would be with "the next version". I have been subjected to numerous issues over the years that required me manually altering the registry, registering/re-registering/de-registering COM DLLs, screwing around in the bowels of IIS, Exchange, SQL Server, and yes, in many cases, invoking the dreaded command line. It was always alright because "In the next version, this functionality will be added!"

And now, as of 2014, Microsoft has pretty much flipped everything on its head. The GUI admin tools are all but deprecated, viewed as the lesser way to administer a Windows server, and PowerShell is proper and appropriate way.

The worst part about all of this is neither Microsoft or its legion of faithful sysadmins see any irony in this. Unix, in their view, is still some antiquated operating system with dated methodologies and philosophies (despite having commands like Move-Item to *nix's mv).

+ - FTDI updates windows driver, causes fake chips to be bricked->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "In the latest windows update from FTDI (maker of usb/serial converter chips, very often used in arduinos and their download cables), the driver will look for 'fake' chips and overwrite their USB product id (PID), making them useless (unless you work-around it and re-flash the chip with the proper PID). The linux driver is still safe, but the binary blob from windows update is now something that we should all blacklist and uninstall, for our own safety."
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by dbIII (#48203491) Attached to: Windows 0-Day Exploited In Ongoing Attacks
However when you have inhouse software that only runs as admin because your VB jockeys haven't worked out that it's no longer 1995 then you are fucked - frequently - when each new wave of malware hits.
MS Windows is no longer the problem. Losers who treat it like MSDOS and write software are the problem.

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by dbIII (#48203451) Attached to: Isaac Asimov: How Do People Get New Ideas?
Name dropping? Hasn't everyone and their dog at least read Heart of Darkness? I'll bet it's still a set school text in a lot of places. Conrad was a popular writer in his time with contemporary technology and politics featuring in his novels so I think it's fair to compare him with a popular hard SF writer. He had some science in his fiction.
Of course it would make far more sense to compare Conrad's two spy novels and Tom Clancy, but that would be cruel.

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by squiggleslash (#48202999) Attached to: For Game Developers, It's About the Labor of Love
As a postscript, a journalist who did something similar to what I did, writes here about his experience. Again, if you (as seems increasingly unlikely) really are concerned about corruption in journalism, you should probably stop telling people who ask for examples to go off and do their own research.

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