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Comment Re:JavaScript Sucks, Rant [Re:Node.js] (Score 1) 536 536

>Most developers only use JavaScript because it's their only realistic option on the client side for web-based applications

Every day that passes that becomes less true, though. Apparently, C compiled to asm.js (or one of the alternatives -- I forget) is already faster than handcoded JS. Just a matter of time before a nicer ecosystem becomes available.

I, for one, am happy about that. While I don't dislike JS as much as you, having choices is good.

Comment Because ubuntu users don't already have a desktop (Score 1) 267 267

Yes, exactly what we need: Another poorly built gadget for people who already own 2 or 3 smartphones, plus at least one desktop and laptop, and want a new overpriced piece of silicon to, after a week or so of post-adquisition rush, collect dust on their shelves and end up in a landfill a year later.  Woohoo!

Comment Re:I learned C when I was a kid. (Score 2) 185 185

When a kid wants to know how to solve a particular problem, they're going to learn the maths necessary.

Indeed. That was my experience with my younger brother, around 10 at the time. I showed him a simple reversi (aka Othello) game I had coded in python, with just a simple text representation of the board, fully expecting him, accustomed to 3D games with colorful graphics and all that, to dismiss it inmediately. Not the case. He was so amazed that you could do that, and intrigued by the how, he didn't care for the trivial UI or the English keywords (which he barely understands) in the non-graphical code.

So my advice to the OP would be to focus less on the tools, but more on the content: What would motivate your daughter or other kids to try and understand what makes a computer tick?

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