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Comment Re:So how can this be done? (Score 1) 585 585

I don't think it can be done or that we would want it.

The brittle nature of software is exactly where its power comes from.

One little logical variable stops or starts entire systems (like launching a rocket or stopping a car). People joke about this when they say "If the world were built like software, one woodpecker would destroy civilization".

Exactly(!) - think of the power that woodpecker would have! Natural/bio systems that are flexible, adaptable and forgiving remove that power. The rocket is ready to go but the system is sure the user couldn't have wanted to launch it on a Monday so (with its capacity for flexibility) it ignores the offending logical variable as it changes from false to true. In the example of using anti-lock brakes - it may decide to skip putting on the brakes because they're a little hot already (at the same time forgiving the user for trying to shorten the life of the brake pads). Something more classic might be the system providing some numerical answer to a division by zero just to avoid an application crash. Have fun with those results.

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