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Comment: Avoid like the dog (Score 1) 155

by pokoteng (#44494045) Attached to: First Laptop With Full-Sized Solar Panels Will Run On Ubuntu
Props for everything except for choice of CPU and thus GPU; Intel D2500 atoms don't have the usual Intel graphics, but rather rely on PowerVR chipset, which isn't so well supported. I'm even surprised they can actually have Ubuntu on it; good luck trying it with any other distros, or at least, painlessly. Perhaps GMA3600 is a lot better supported? At least it sin't GMA500, which has complete dog support for anything.

Comment: Re:Hopefully coming soon to the US (Score 1) 70

It just means any whistleblower or hackers themselves can report the findings into public. Companies are pretty much forced to hand in any reports of breaches; they can't keep quiet about it because otherwise the penalties will be even more severe after the day's over.

This is a good move. It'll finally keep people/companies on their toes instead of try to hide their flaws.

Comment: Re:how long will this behavior be tolerated... (Score 3, Insightful) 180

by pokoteng (#43836887) Attached to: Australian Intelligence HQ Blueprints Hacked
It may not come easy to hear this for Americans, but fact is, China's owned the world for quite some time; the far far vast majority of everything you own and will use and own etc, comes from China. Everything depends on them. They're the ones with the power, not the US with their supposed big guns. Attacking China will just destroy everything about US, or just about any other first world nation.

They won't face any response at all. It just gets filtered out, like their firewall.

Comment: Re:Another job is lost. (Score 1) 138

Again, you're underestimating the careful care a (good) bartender has to follow when preparing for drinks. Say for instance, the recipe calls for lemon juice. A typical implementation of a robot would be to have lemon juice prepared earlier, but that has different taste profile to freshly juiced lemon. Then ok, let's have a juicer... except are you going to also roll the lemon carefully first to bring out the juice and flavour before cutting it carefully for the wedge? Or are you going to shred/press it? How are you going to do careful presentation work on the slice, like zesting it? Carefully pinch the skin to bring out the oils from the skin, but not actually put it in the drink?

And hell, that's just lemons.

I can't imagine having machines that are yet delicate enough to do this quickly, that are also small enough to fit in a bar, as well as being so versatile. Most likely, for a while yet, only humans can do the task considering how delicate the work is.

Comment: Re:Another job is lost. (Score 4, Insightful) 138

Don't think so. Although it's common to imagine a bartender as someone who just pours drinks, it's just as possible to say a programmer is someone who types stuff into a computer to do some work. It doesn't even scratch the surface of any actual professional work.

I'd say the robot would be good enough to do pre-mix drinks, for people who don't particularly care for the drink. Sort of like a vending machine. For actual bartending work involving complex cocktail production, where the bartender needs to have extremely high perception, flexibility, stability, control in mixing the drinks in just the perfect timing, temperature, amount, AND on top of that being social and friendly with ability to reply to the drinkers who sit at the bar? Nah, I think bartenders will still hold a job for a long while yet.

At least, until we get robots that pass turing test. Then we're all fucked.

Comment: Not a new idea (Score 1) 245

by pokoteng (#43418211) Attached to: 'CodeSpells' Video Game Teaches Children Java Programming
Colobot was here before this, and I'm sure there are many other games that involve programming as major gameplay. Colobot itself didn't use an existing language (had some kind of OOP thing made up by the devs), but the idea is there. But still, I'm glad the idea is being pushed. I really enjoy games that pushes the skill on the players, with actual skill, not merely time invested or money invested.

Comment: Nothing. (Score 1) 372

by pokoteng (#42569617) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Stay Fit In the Office?

There's nothing you have to do during work hours, except keeping your workspace ergonomically sound. Standard desk, posture, good chair.

Then after work or before work, you spend an hour at the gym doing proper strength training and some cardio. I won't repeat other sites as there are many, but mainly dead lifts, squats, bench press, run-as-fast-as-you-can-a-mile. Just remember to keep improving yourself, log what you're doing, and always do a little more than before.

And that's it. If you get used to it it won't even be an hour, and you do it on alternate days too so it's not like it's every single day. That should not just make you fit, but probably one of strongest people around.

+ - How to live a happy and fulfilling life (not necessarily limited to and in IT) 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Every now and then i take some time to step back and have a look at my life, evaluating my current situation. Is there something to change for the better? If, so, what can i do to accomplish this goal? Of course, nobody is perfect and there is always room for improvement. For the average person, it shouldn't be that hard to come up with a laundry list of things to change, or new things to try. Apart from obvious (at least for the average slashdotter) and mundane quests you can set yourself every year, like escaping mothers basement, learning a new programming language or trying to take over the world — what can you do to really make a difference regarding the quality of your life?

After working fulltime for several years i have sold my terrible excuse of a car, bought a nice apartment and reduced my (sysadmin) working hours to 22 per week. This leaves me plenty of time to visit the gym regularily, ride the bike on sunny days, attend karate lessons once every week or just plain sit on my ass and do nothing. Which is really all i've ever dreamt of. But here is the catch: It becomes boring rather quickly.

Now, what would YOU do or change to allow for a happy, fulfilling and even meaningful life?"

Comment: Check the reviews (Score 1) 328

by pokoteng (#42282723) Attached to: Is It Worth Investing In a High-Efficiency Power Supply?
As mentioned, efficiency of PSU changes over variety of conditions (load being most significant), so it's good to check reviews that do proper measurements to get the one that has good efficiency all across the range. Unlike posts above, it doesn't always fall at 50% mark. That said, good PSUs often sport high efficiency for a reason; they're made well. It'll serve you well to get a really high quality PSU if anything so it doesn't blow up on you, possibly losing all sorts of other parts in the computer, which would cost a lot more than just larger electricity bill.

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