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Comment: Re:One way to get it back.... (Score 1) 259

by pokopoko3k (#21713390) Attached to: Experience with Fighting Domain Farming
Dude, the law was on her side. Are you saying that if somebody goes to a lawyer when they've been legally wronged, that makes them an "entitlement whore?" Or do we have a tiny axe to grind here...? But besides, let's use common sense. Is it really about trademarking every single thing, dotting every i and crossing every t and going deep into legalese, or else you deserve to get screwed? I hate that kind of thinking. In that world, my friend, who was trying to start a (very) small but totally legitimate business for herself with very little funding or experience, has no chance against predatory practices of these shady bastards, while only big companies who can spend millions trademarking their every fart can succeed. That world sucks. You don't have to trademark every damn thing anyway. Has Steve Jobs trademarked his name? Well, probably, but even before he had, you couldn't go around saying you were him. Same principle. It's in the law, but it's also common sense.

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