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Comment: Re:Le sigh.... (Score 1) 166

by poity (#47835991) Attached to: Scientists Sequence Coffee Genome, Ponder Genetic Modification

Oog, you dumb-dumb, go hunt and stop breeding those cows, you will create dragon-cow one day and kill our village

Years later, Oog's village was conquered by the agricultural civilization nearby. Oog became a slave charged with breeding heartier cattle, and his wife bore the children of others.


Combating Recent, Ugly Incidents of Misogyny In Gamer Culture 1134

Posted by Soulskill
from the push-until-it-gives dept.
ideonexus writes: 2490 gamers, developers and journalists have signed an open letter supporting inclusiveness in the gaming community after indie game developer Zoe Quinn received backlash and harassment when her ex-boyfriend posted false accusations that she traded sex for favorable reviews of her game and feminist critic Anita Sarkeesian was driven from her home after receiving death and rape threats for her videos illustrating the way some mainstream games encourage the commoditization of and violence against women. The harassment has prompted geek-dating advice columnist Harris O'Malley to declare the backlash the "Extinction Burst of Gaming Culture," the last reactionary gasp before the culture shifts to become more inclusive.

Comment: Re:Good. How is uber any different... (Score 1) 312

by poity (#47808527) Attached to: Uber Now Blocked All Over Germany

I'm willing to bet that compared to traditional taxi customers, far more Uber customers would have smartphones with GPS in hand, meaning a much higher risk of being caught by police. You would have better odds painting your car, masquerading as a traditional taxi, and picking out old people to rob.

Comment: Re:why can the world (Score 5, Interesting) 329

by poity (#47743423) Attached to: ACM Blames the PC For Driving Women Away From Computer Science

Perhaps women have the luxury and privilege of not losing attractiveness when working low-paying jobs. Perhaps men are the victims of a society that forces them to over-work and be over-competitive because women ultimately select whose genes are passed on and whose are not. Perhaps this competitiveness is why men will take on more hard jobs, fight for more raises, and suffer the abuses.

Is female materialism driving men into high wage jobs? Maybe there should be a federal law to address this...

Comment: HAHAHA "bare-knuckled" (Score 2) 748

by poity (#47704969) Attached to: News Aggregator Fark Adds Misogyny Ban

It gets image macros from 4chan and still can't decide on what the irony tag is for. Fark has long become a shadow of its former self. The left leaning political correct mob has been in control for many years now -- even being a consistent critic of public officials on both sides of the political aisle gets you into trouble because in those times when you do write anything critical of a left leaning politician, you get 10 replies of people knocking down strawmen and breathlessly posting whataboutisms.

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by poity (#47698911) Attached to: Xiaomi's Next OS Looks Strikingly Similar To iOS

Private use is different. Parent anon is talking about proper licensing, with future access to Google's code base at stake. Official releases by XioaMi has not and will continue to not have Play Store access in compliance with Google's terms. That's probably fine for them, since most of China don't use the Play Store anyway.

Comment: Re:Who gives you the right? (Score 1) 167

by poity (#47690423) Attached to: Knocking Down the Great Firewall of China

Again, comparing two unlike qualities. China's tactics in cracking down on terrorism in its western provinces is very much something you would criticize (if you also criticize the US's tactics). That would be a comparison of like with like. Again, the locking down of sensitive political information is our frame, e.g. criticism of policies, posting of data which contradict official released data, etc.

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by poity (#47686109) Attached to: Apple Begins Storing Chinese User Data On Servers In China

The people in China who are wary of this are those of the Slashdot mindset -- your spiritual and intellectual compatriots who want the same thing as you do, privacy and to be left alone by government. Instead of standing up for friends and allies, there are those on Slashdot who would stand up for government. I don't get it. Are your minds warped somehow? Are you all so tolerant of others that you forget who you should be tolerant of?

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