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by drsmack1 (#47514979) Attached to: Experiment Shows People Exposed To East German Socialism Cheat More

>> There may be problems with socialism, but it's a better alternative than laissez faire capitalism.

Source? Because I don't see it based on the last 100 years. Can you point out positives that aren't just taking shots at whatever it is you don't like about the USA? Because I've noticed that most "socialists" are merely socially retarded individuals who have no concept of how normal people think and live their lives.

So, they decide FOR THEM how they should think and live their lives; then they urge them to do it. When that doesn't work they try to destroy the alternatives. When that doesn't work then they penalize the behavior they don't like. When that doesn't work, they coerce using the full weight of the government.

ALL liberal/socialist/communistic movements follow this same pattern.

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by ledow (#47514971) Attached to: Firefox 33 Integrates Cisco's OpenH264

But with access to the source code, it's easily possible to verify that the binary supplied corresponds to the source.

That's how we know that TrueCrypt has no "binary" backdoors - we just try different combinations of compiling, noting the differences, until we find the one that Cisco used. If we never find the exact combination, the differences between a "known good" compile of the original source and the final binary make the amount of code to blind-check almost negligible in comparison.

It's when people DON'T provide source that you should be suspicious, or when you can't get close to their source providing their binary.

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Seriously if you have a giant beard, a chest like a bear and chop down trees on the weekend with your massive axe, haul them back home on your shoulders then break them over your head before lighting them on fire with a welding torch, I would say that's about the most manly thing one could do and no one is going to keep that in check.

Pretty much, yeah. Though I don't actually get to grow a beard unless I'm either on leave or deployed overseas, so I guess you got me there.

Of course, if you had a functional sense of humour you would have realized that my "manliness" comment was tongue-in-cheek. The fact that I do cut down trees with an axe and light them up with a blowtorch is just an amusing coincidence.

Firstly, no chick ever grabbed your ass at comic con

Sure, just go ahead and deny my experiences. Next you'll try to tell me that I deserved it because I was wearing a kilt. Victim blaming is always popular, especially when the victim is male.

So the evidence is now so overwhelming that you cannot continue to deny the evidence, so you now move on to claiming it's somehow "insignificant".

I've never denied the evidence. You may have me confused with a strawman you constructed. If you're going to argue with him, why address your response to me?

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Plus, laws differ depending on your jurisdiction.

When I was a kid, we had cassette tapes. We could easily copy music from the radio, and give it to a teacher to play in assembly. It still did not mean that when it came time to review music licensing, the school could avoid paying for doing so.

In fact, copyright licensing of music in schools (especially hymns, for some reason) is one of the most draconian applications of law that I've seen. But that doesn't forgo the schools obligations to properly license it - back then, or now. And, yes, schools that I work in have been threatened with lawsuits for doing things like playing a brief excerpt of a hit single of the day in an end-of-term assembly.

I refuse to allow a school I work in to be sued for something so petty, and be forced to pay over money to record companies (or photographers, or software programmers, or whatever) that's better spent educating children. Applying extra filters costs no more than applying legally-required filters anyway. Licensing of school software is one of the easiest things to fall foul of.... oh, this is a free download, can we just install it everywhere? No. Oh, this is a CD I got in my cornflakes that I'd like the kids to all use? Tough. Licensing says no.

Schools get sued for this. I'm not making it up. It's not *my* pettiness. Hell, some of the largest companies are getting sued for using a photograph from the Internet without permission in their advertising etc. - this is a symptom of people NOT being taught about copyright law when they are in school, and being taught that Google Images is "free". Of course you can find properly-licensed images with Google Images. What you can't do is enforce that setting side-wide through a URL-modifying filter (like you can with SafeSearch).

I'm stopping your kid's school getting sued for 10 x damages for wilfull infringement of copyright and having to pay thousands that would be better spent on, say, computers or properly licensed software or books or teachers, than being paid to some random guy on Tumblr who's had his image pinched and gets bitchy about it.

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That said, I'd imagine that penetrative rape - the type commonly suffered by females - is a lot more traumatic.

Assuming a completely unwilling and unaroused victim, yes, I very much suspect it would be. However, feminists and victim-advocacy groups have spent the last couple decades telling us that "rape is rape" and that they're all equally bad, so it would be a bit hypocritical for them to now start screaming "BUT WE HAVE IT WORSE!".

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If you like looking like a whiny, hypocritical moron, be my guest. I take it that you concede that illegal immigration is in fact a crime, and that you didn't read far enough into my earlier comment to see where I explained that, because you haven't done a thing to rebut either of those. I'm not going to use soft words to save the feelings of someone who is a lazy, useful idiot or worse.

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No matter who you are, what your personality is, etc there will always be some people out there that don't like you, won't hire you, or otherwise throw negativity your way even if you've done absolutely nothing to earn their hate.

Very true. So when that happens to me, is that because of the matriarchy trying to keep my manliness in check?

Your reaction is what I've noticed most women get if they even gently bring something up. It's 100% complete denial and blame the messenger.

What I can't figure out is why?

Because that's what we do when people are wrong?

I've noticed when people bring up the idea that the holocaust never happened, they get 100% complete denial and blame the messenger. Hrm ... I wonder why.

True, this behavior may be a small group of bad apples, but by denying the problem exists at all you're enabling those bad apples to continue doing what they do.

Nobody is denying that the problem exists. That's the kind of absurd strawman that always ends up derailing these discussions. What people are telling you is that:

1. Everyone gets harassed at some point. You don't see me going around talking about what an unsafe environment comicon is just because some chick grabbed my ass.
2. Problems caused by a small subset of individuals should be dealt with INDIVIDUALLY, rather than by writing long-winded articles about how the whole system is horrible. Only an idiot attacks an entire community over the actions of a few individuals. We usually call that "bigotry".

Seriously, why can't we just admit women catch a lot of shit just for being women in tech?

Because it's insignificant. I've caught more flack for having a slow connection than most women catch for being women. I've seen far more men bending over backwards to help "women in tech" than I've seen trying to tear them down. Men tend to be far more cruel and destructive towards each other than they do with women. If harassment in the tech community is a problem then it's a problem for everyone, and it's absolutely ridiculous to single out women as being some special class of victim.

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I tend to agree with you, in general. However, I do think it is disingenuous to name a company "Girlfight" in a clear attempt to cash in on their sexuality, then contribute to an article complaining about it.

That's feminism for you in a nutshell. The "skepchick" website rose to fame in no small part thanks to putting out a (artistic-ish) nude calendar of their members, and encouraging male adoration. Then once they had enough of a following, they decided it was now misogynistic for men to comment on their appearance or think of them in a sexual way. Lots of women have gained prominence by using their sexuality to their advantage, only to later go on long-winded rants about how nobody should be "objectifying" them.

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The Irish were, by far, the majority in Ireland. Additionally, Ireland is fairly separate from Great Britian (the island) and there was no question of forcing the British out of their own homeland.

And of course, the British are *still* there. In Northern Ireland.

If anything, the Palestinians are already "independent" of Israeli rule, the majority Palestinian areas are part of the Palestinian state, like the majority Irish are in control of the Irish state.

So, Palestine is already "there". Most of the Irish stopped fighting after they got what Palestine has now. The Irish government, for the most part, didn't try and claim Northern Ireland as part of their "ancestral homeland" for very long. The IRA groups did, but they were never properly representative of the Irish. If anything, the Irish did what I would hope the Palestinians do today... took their independence and did what they could with it.

Independence isn't the Palestinian's problem. It's that they keep getting interfered with by Israel on one side, and their "friends" in the Muslim world, on the other. They need to stand up and stop doing what is pissing off the majority of Israelis, and then stand up to their so-called friends, and refuse to be their proxy soldiers anymore.

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You realize that there's more difference between your average man and your average woman than between your average NFL linebacker and your average man, right?

Oh, geeze, don't let a feminist hear you say that! Every time someone suggests women maybe aren't suitable to being firefighters or combat soldiers, the wymins go apeshit.

You do realize how commonly women are raped and abused by men, and how they might happen to be more sensitive to the implicit or explicit threats of violence from someone that they're highly unlikely to be able to fight off?

According to the newest stats, not really that much more often than men are abused or raped by women. Domestic violence cases split almost 50/50. Sexual violence victims are still mostly women, but men come in very close behind now that we've stopped defining "rape" in a way that makes it impossible for women to be rapists.

And men being abused by men ... holy shit. If we took your approach, every man in the world should be "more sensitive to the imiplicit or explicit threats of violence", to the point where we'd pee our pants as soon as another man looked at us funny.

Difference is, men don't try to justify freaking out and overreacting by pointing to statistics. And neither do most women, for that matter; the ones who do are just a very loud minority.

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If Israel grabs the land of the Palestinians, they have to actually deal with the Palestinians.

What made most of the annexations possible is that war caused Palestinians to become refugees and they left. While it wasn't entirely voluntary, due to fear, it was a situation that opened up a considerable amount of now-Israeli territory to be further colonized without having to forcibly remove large numbers of people.

The Palestinians have nowhere else to go. If Israel wants their land, they need to take the Palestinians too. Does that mean apartheid or something in Israel? Perhaps it does. They also had apartheid in South Africa, once upon a time, but I am not sure it would come to that.

I don't think Israel truly wants the Territories. It would threaten the Jewish majority. What allows the Israelis to take more land is the wars that push people out of it and in that sense, the Palestinians are playing into the hands of either Israel or their "benefactors" in Iran or the Arab countries, who are more interested in attacking Israel by proxy to maintain the popularity of their own regimes.

I don't suggest that the Palestinians leave, although I wouldn't personally stay, but all they have to do is not go anywhere. They just need to stop indiscriminate civilian attacks. They can take defensive actions inside their borders, just stop the civilian attacks. The world will tire quickly of the Israeli army and air force mowing down people who are truly only defending themselves, if that even happens.

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Note, I did not say that fighting to defend yourself in an invasion was the wrong thing to do. Of course people freshly invaded would have a right to fight back, and should fight to deter invaders.

This is about what the situation is after decades of war and failure. The invasion is over, the land is gone, the Israelis are going nowhere. Indeed, the Israelis have nowhere else to go. There's nowhere to send them back to, even if they were willing.

There is a generation, even two or three on both sides, that probably doesn't even remember Palestine before Israel and who has never lived in any other place. What made sense as demands even twenty years ago is starting to become worse than pointless. The youth of Palestine are being held down by the struggle of their forebears.

The fact is that people have been invaded and won, or lost, since time immemorial. The only time it ever gets any better for those who have lost is when they find another way other than constant conflict. As I said before, the Palestinian militants are puppets of those who want to antagonize Israel, Palestinians themselves will gain nothing from it other than poverty and death. They may try and take some Jews down with them, but what good is that to anyone?

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I work in schools.

What you describe is standard practice in every school I've ever worked in.

Google Images, especially, is one of those "block all or block nothing" sites that policy ALWAYS ends up blocking all. It's just to easy to google something innocent (e.g. "little red riding hood", etc.) and end up with page full of quite obvious porn, even with enforced SafeSearch, a religiously-updated web filter, and custom blocks.

"Virtually impossible" to use the school's computers for schoolwork? How did we live before Google Images? And also, let me tell you, copyright infringement is rife in schools and overlooked right up until the school gets sued for letting you "google image" something, stick it in a document and print it out.

Welcome to real life, where education is more than Google Imaging something, where laws take precedence over your (or my, or the school's) personal choices, and where child protection and "eSafety" policies are mandatory by government inspection.

No system filters perfectly. And you can be sure I get twenty emails every time the system doesn't. But we can't just switch them off without breaking several laws (even if we know that we can only show we tried).

P.S. Stop Google Image'ing. Get licensed clipart. Because when you're older and you "just Google Image" something for your boss, you're setting them up for a lawsuit from the copyright holder.

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Anyone who worries about wireless security and hasn't yet deployed WPA2-Enterprise and VLANs deserves everything they get.

Seriously, an employee plugging in a router? ALARM BELLS GO OFF IN IT ROOM.

An employee sets up a duplicate wireless network with the same SSID?

Weird. None of the connection policies match, so nothing officially supplied by IT will connect to it. And employees "might" connect to it, manually, sure. If it wasn't that the wireless AP's around the place have spotted the intruder, emailled me, triangulated the position of the AP, flooded it off the airwaves, and you'd have to re-type in all your RADIUS / WPA keys into it in order for it to actually let you CONNECT without warnings anyway.

It's just not a problem if you are serious about your wireless deployment. If you're not serious, that's the problem.

I'm an IT guy that works in schools, with hostile users, some of them living on-premises, willing to break all the rules, some of whom have built their own drones to fly around the school premises, and this isn't an issue I'd be concerned about.

For a start, the Cisco Meraki gear I use would "contain" any such network, and it would warn me, and it would even put a little pinpoint on a wireless heatmap if I so desired to tell me where they are.

The rest is just taking a smartphone with a free app, walking to that point, and disciplining whoever I found there / taking down the drone and waiting for someone to come claim it.

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