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It has been pointed out previously in the comments section of The Crimson that such an act of divestment would be only symbolic. The reason is that publicly traded shares only fund a company in its initial sale during the IPO (which, for oil companies, was decades ago at the very least). All subsequent trades of shares only impact valuation of the company. Harvard's divestment would take down the price of an oil company stock by a fraction of a fraction of a dollar* which means any purchases or sales of assets using shares in the near term subsequent to this divestment would require a fraction of a fraction more shares, which, in the grand scheme of things is meaningless.

*in all likelihood the investment managers would try to divest in portions to minimize losses, so the price movement might be even closer to zero.

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by poity (#46605645) Attached to: State-Sponsored Hacking Attacks Targeting Top News Organizations

Take the attack itself. What does it accomplish to deface an American's newspaper's website?

The article doesn't say anything about defacement, it actually says that journalists themselves were the targets. I assume being able to penetrate a journalist's work account is one of the first steps to either subsequently penetrating that journalist's personal accounts elsewhere, or to build a profile in order to create false identity elsewhere. The first could be used to reveal current sources, and the latter could be used to ensnare future sources.

Everyone is on high alert to stopping their own Snowden event, and I think that's a far simpler and more relevant explanation than "USA is trying to frame other countries by defacing its own news site"

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by poity (#46399669) Attached to: In Ukraine, Cyber War With Russia Heating Up

It happens every single time another country is in the negative spotlight.
They speak as if USA invented meddling.

You'd be hard-pressed to find these so-what-if-x-does-it-y-did-it-too arguments back in 2002 and 2003. I don't believe any of these people brought up Soviet/British invasion of Afghanistan to dismiss criticism of the US, so the only conclusion one can draw is that they are not actually concerned with morality, just with who is violating the morality.

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by poity (#45407089) Attached to: Bill Gates's Plan To Improve Our World

How many times will misinformed people trot out this crap? Scandinavian countries are, to the last one, all capitalist free market economies. Capitalism and the laws that protect private property enable those countries' people to generate the excess wealth with which to fund their social welfare programs.

Scandinavian countries are actually examples of "capitalism and philanthropy" being "better at addressing woes"

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