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Comment: Re:I like... (Score 2) 495

by poetmatt (#47768271) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

It will save a hell of a lot of the settlements they have as a result of illegal police action as it will hold police accountable, too.

That is as long as they can't disable or prevent the recording.

So far, it seems every version of a camera tool lets an officer later review and potentially delete the information, which can lead back to the same coverup/problems.

Comment: Re:I'll buy anything from China except food (Score 1) 431

by poetmatt (#47259937) Attached to: Chinese-Built Cars Are Coming To the US Next Year

Fruit juices should not be consumed at any time. That's not even having to do with china as much as it's explicitly unhealthy to drink your meal's calories via sugar. A glass of juice has the sugar content of 2-3 pieces of the same fruit or more, even if it's 100% real and organic/natural juice.

Smoothies/juice combinations involving vegetables are always healthier.

Comment: Re:I'll buy anything from China except food (Score 3, Insightful) 431

by poetmatt (#47255593) Attached to: Chinese-Built Cars Are Coming To the US Next Year

Have you tried buying vegetables, fruit or grains and actually cooked things into what you wanted? Most people in most parts of the world (including in China) refer to that as food - and it isn't made in a processing plant.

I know cooking is hard from your mom's basement but I do think she has a kitchen.

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Say what?
It's not a contract if you get a foreign sim. It's a non-contract plan. It also takes 10-30 seconds and if you don't know how to do it, the place who offers the foreign sim will do it for you.
You pay X dollars, and when that X dollars is up? So is your service.

How do people not understand how international phone systems work? Have you never left the fucking country ever?

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After 5GB on the ATT "unlimited data", which I am 100% certain to the point of being willing to bet money and/or my life that you have never reached it on mobile data, you are dialed back to dialup speeds. Literally from 12mb/s to 512kb/s. That's what "unlimited" is and why it's in quotes.

You could hit more than 5GB on wifi, but if you hit 5GB through mobile data and don't have tethering you are sent back to 1989.

If you pay for tethering, you don't have the same unlimited, and means you are not on the unlimited data plan, either. You're also paying twice for the same usage, so enjoy.

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