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Comment: Re:There is one major entity - Apple (Score 0) 114

by poetmatt (#49141443) Attached to: Schneier: Everyone Wants You To Have Security, But Not From Them

"Apple doesn't mine it"

Yeah, ok. Show me where/how you can guarantee that any more than anyone else who already has your data? Apple in this case *already has your data* without HealthKit. Apple is identical to google and facebook and every tech company that collects user data in this regards.

Comment: Re:How does this compare to radio? (Score 1) 305

by poetmatt (#49114725) Attached to: Pandora Pays Artists $0.001 Per Stream, Thinks This Is "Very Fair"

Sirius isn't free, you pretty much have to buy the hardware too.

Also, 90% of their stations are outright garbage and far less personalized than Pandora.

At the same time, Pandora is ridiculous because it's treated more like a radio stream and less acknowledging basic functionality like "I want to play a song again" or "I want to restart the same song". Spotify is equally garbage in this regards as you are limited on the number of streams and the selection is limited. Google music is the next closest thing at $8/mo, but in reality it's no better as well.

Until you have a streaming service that doesn't have to resort to covers to play certain songs just because the big bad publishers think their music is so magically valuable (it isn't), we're going to be stuck with garbage solutions like this.

What isn't mentioned about every music streaming solution? None of them pay the artist *anything*, because this assumes artists actually get their tenth of a cent per stream. It's unlikely, because that's probably split 20/80 with their publisher, assuming they even get the money and that a publisher isn't somehow taking all the money from the artist who doesn't even work for them.

Comment: Re:Who are you? (Score 3, Insightful) 103

by poetmatt (#48998907) Attached to: Bipartisan Bill Would Mandate Warrant To Search Emails

Claiming that politics have gone in ANY direction is a facetious statement at best and misinformed, to say the least.

This country is not any more leftist than it is any more rightist which it isn't. This country is corporatist, which means that whether anyone anywhere politically is in power the vested interests are going to support corporations which benefit either way.

So whether you have democrat a, republican b, it doesn't really matter unless you fail to understand where the real politics is.

Comment: Re:Double Irish (Score 1) 825

by poetmatt (#48957687) Attached to: Obama Proposes One-Time Tax On $2 Trillion US Companies Hold Overseas

The only reason taxing consumers (taxpayers is not the correct term, it's redundant) is what happens is because the government has created such a structure. It's times like this that things such as alternate taxation options and things other than having to pay for sales tax would be a boon instead of a flaw.

Example: we have now added sales tax to amazon, so now everyone pays double sales tax - amazon pays sales tax on it's profits and we pay sales tax on our purchases. This is a terrible structure and the opposite of whatever perverted goal of profit exists.

The gov would literally make hand over fist amounts of money if they actually came up with a sensible tax system but I don't believe that's the intent of this economy.

Comment: wrong (Score 1) 825

by poetmatt (#48957651) Attached to: Obama Proposes One-Time Tax On $2 Trillion US Companies Hold Overseas

This isn't to stop those companies that are abusing the system on any level.

This is to give them a giant windfall for the YEARS they have been exploiting it, to let them come back and "start fresh" again with zero taxes and do it all over again. This is another tax amnesty for those who have exploited tax loopholes.

Comment: Re:If all goes well. . . (Score 1) 228

by poetmatt (#48884441) Attached to: Eric Schmidt: Our Perception of the Internet Will Fade

I can see why this would be mentioned as a focus, but I can see this being the straw that breaks the camel's back.

It's one thing to at least require an agreement to let your privacy be violated in return for X functionality (sadly because there is no other option from how companies have designed it), but it's another to just do this outright.

Comment: Re:Censorship? (Score 2) 420

by poetmatt (#48876893) Attached to: Blogger Who Revealed GOP Leader's KKK Ties Had Home Internet Lines Cut

It's also hilariously ineffective in this day and age where wireless access does tend to exist.

If someone cuts the internet connection to my house I can just tether my phone to my router and continue uninterrupted. So as long as I have power, this doesn't mean shit. What's sad is that the moron trying to intimidate via cutting internet cables didn't get electrocuted in the process.

Comment: Re:Bad idea (Score 1) 385

by poetmatt (#48859097) Attached to: FBI Seeks To Legally Hack You If You're Connected To TOR Or a VPN

The only thing touting the 2nd amendment does is show how stupid you are. And we're not talking vaguely stupid, we're talking "you make tinfoil hat conspiracists sound completely normal" stupid.

There are ways to fix things, there are responses to things, implying that you're citing the right to bear arms when it talks about a militia during times of war is absolutely bonkers.

Please stop posting on slashdot at a minimum and maybe take a class on reading comprehension.

Comment: Re:The hard part is yet to come (Score 1) 84

by poetmatt (#48759519) Attached to: Microbe Found In Grassy Field Contains Powerful Antibiotic

You highlighted the exact real issue:

"What they claim to have found".

It will take years to actually even start to identify the damage this new antibiotic may have on the body. From a medical perspective we are still in the process of assessing just how harmful existing antibiotics are on the body for example.

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