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Comment: Re:Sign off. (Score 1) 319

by poetmatt (#49488041) Attached to: LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan

Pearson does a lot of things; I'd find them fairly neutral in the process - what they do will work with basically anything.

That's not to say what they do is good? I find Pearson to be shit when it comes to education tools - they are filled with bloatware, drm, and things that don't provide any benefit to thing using them, but I wouldn't really blame them for anything here.

I would blame the superintendent and apple for sticking their nose into more sales under the guise of supporting education.

Comment: Re:NIST would like to hear from you. (Score 1) 7

by poetmatt (#49463327) Attached to: NIST Solicits Comments On Electronic Authentication Guideline

While they didn't willingly/intentionally give their information to the NSA, the fact that they were compromised by the NSA means that they should still be considered compromised going forward, so you are correct.

TLDR: don't do business with the NSA. This also means we really, really, really need to get rid of FIPS as well.

Comment: Re:So? It's a good corporate move. (Score 2) 107

No, it doesn't sound like a good strategy.

It sounds like "Spray and pray". In fact, people who don't use google do not exactly jump to searching on Bing, mostly because bing is terrible at being a search engine. Are there alternatives? Yes. Is this a way to bring light to them? Not even remotely.

Yahoo is bing, so using yahoo is using bing and is just as much garbage as bing.

Comment: Re: In other news (Score 4, Interesting) 609

by poetmatt (#49233487) Attached to: Clinton Regrets, But Defends, Use of Family Email Server

Maybe the part about "I deleted all the unimportant emails. Trust me" part?

I can't wait to hear what happens when forensics gets to their machines and hopefully finds tons and tons of illegal activity.

No person should ever be allowed to do this, especially someone who doesn't understand the impact of doing this from a technology perspective and only from a political one.

Comment: Re:There is one major entity - Apple (Score 0) 114

by poetmatt (#49141443) Attached to: Schneier: Everyone Wants You To Have Security, But Not From Them

"Apple doesn't mine it"

Yeah, ok. Show me where/how you can guarantee that any more than anyone else who already has your data? Apple in this case *already has your data* without HealthKit. Apple is identical to google and facebook and every tech company that collects user data in this regards.

Comment: Re:How does this compare to radio? (Score 1) 305

by poetmatt (#49114725) Attached to: Pandora Pays Artists $0.001 Per Stream, Thinks This Is "Very Fair"

Sirius isn't free, you pretty much have to buy the hardware too.

Also, 90% of their stations are outright garbage and far less personalized than Pandora.

At the same time, Pandora is ridiculous because it's treated more like a radio stream and less acknowledging basic functionality like "I want to play a song again" or "I want to restart the same song". Spotify is equally garbage in this regards as you are limited on the number of streams and the selection is limited. Google music is the next closest thing at $8/mo, but in reality it's no better as well.

Until you have a streaming service that doesn't have to resort to covers to play certain songs just because the big bad publishers think their music is so magically valuable (it isn't), we're going to be stuck with garbage solutions like this.

What isn't mentioned about every music streaming solution? None of them pay the artist *anything*, because this assumes artists actually get their tenth of a cent per stream. It's unlikely, because that's probably split 20/80 with their publisher, assuming they even get the money and that a publisher isn't somehow taking all the money from the artist who doesn't even work for them.

Comment: Re:Who are you? (Score 3, Insightful) 103

by poetmatt (#48998907) Attached to: Bipartisan Bill Would Mandate Warrant To Search Emails

Claiming that politics have gone in ANY direction is a facetious statement at best and misinformed, to say the least.

This country is not any more leftist than it is any more rightist which it isn't. This country is corporatist, which means that whether anyone anywhere politically is in power the vested interests are going to support corporations which benefit either way.

So whether you have democrat a, republican b, it doesn't really matter unless you fail to understand where the real politics is.

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