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+ - ACTA and SOPA make a return via TAFTA->

Submitted by poetmatt
poetmatt (793785) writes "Techdirt notes that a new trade agreement is being released which will reintroduce the same IP maximalist issues from ACTA, SOPA and TPP previously, this time named TAFTA.

FTA: "More details are starting to come out as the main EU negotiator for ACTA, Karel de Gucht, came to DC to see about getting things kicked off, on an agreement that's being called TAFTA — the Trans Atlantic "Free Trade" Agreement. Of course, instead of recognizing the lessons from previous failed efforts to push for broken maximalist policies, it appears that the plan is to try, try again."

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+ - Supposed Android Malware is a wild guess, says "researcher"-> 1

Submitted by poetmatt
poetmatt (793785) writes "Courtesy of the link at Muktware, self proclaimed Microsoft researcher Terry Zink admits that it was a wild guess that the emails claiming to be sent from android might not actually be sent from Android devices.

Sophos also acknowledged that their wild guess is not necessarily accurate either, in a half apology half denial not dissimilar to O'Reily's half apology for misstatements, ending in saying "the evidence suggests it is Android malware and there isn't a good reason to think that pretending it is from Yahoo! via Android devices is of any benefit to the spammers." with no actual proof."

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