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Comment Re:USA entering a brave new age of stupidity (Score 0) 395

This is a ridiculous comment:

* Everyone who is able bodied, should work. They just may not get to work at what they want.

* We do not have tremendous poverty by any stretch of reality (India, China, Brazil, those are countries with tremendous poverty)

* The "big automatic pickup" is a red herring. We have so many worse polluting items we need to deal with first. Have you ever looked at emissions for any truck built after 1995?

* The "pea shooter" is about a right. We have that right and giving up those rights is what we are talking about right now on this thread.

* Lots of people complain about pissing away trillions of dollars, on all sides of the political spectrum

The only thing I can conclude from your comment is you are a troll, highly uneducated, a Millennial, or any combination of the three.

Comment It's the cloud (Score 5, Insightful) 146

The cloud... GCE, AWS/EC2 etc.. that are the biggest threat to Open Source. Things like S3 with its proprietary protocol, developers falling in line for RDS and Dynamo. In short, locking yourself into very expensive, closed alternatives because: "It's easy". The battles never went away, they have just shifted. If you are paying attention and not spending all your time reading CTO magazine, you can see this.

Comment Re:if that were true (Score 1, Interesting) 348

That just isn't my experience, nor does it reflect the reality of the market. Every company that I know that uses H1B pays very well (I don't use them). My employees make market rate and any offshore work I do usually gets more than market rate.

Now it is true that there are bad apples out there, no question but as a rule from a market perspective, I don't ever see it. I have interviewed hundreds of people in the last year. The ones that were hired, were worth it and make market rate. The ones that weren't were because of very specific things.

To answer your specific comments:

A. People are worth what the market states they are worth, period. If I can get a foreign worker that does the same or better job for less, then the stateside worker isn't worth more than that. (FTR, I pay market rate no matter what).
B. This is a lame excuse. Don't work for those companies or do what you need to do to get the experience.
C. All management is clueless except with IT is clueless. That type of arrogance pretty much makes you undesirable as a candidate. Crappy work environment? Well that is some companies no question but it is certainly not all nor the majority.
D. And this is where the mistake lays at its core. If you believe that, you are interviewing with startups and yeah, working for a startup usually sucks. Find companies that have been around a while (>5 years) and you will be in a much better position.

Submission + - elementary OS: For Profit Product, not Open Source Project (

poet writes: It is amazing that after two decades, people are still making the same mistakes when trying to build an Open Source company. I had the pleasure of speaking with a council member of elementary OS yesterday and here are some of the things I found.

Comment Joe is not rudimentary! (Score 1) 31

I still use it today. It is an awesome editor. It is modeless (because I shouldn't need to go into a mode to edit a document in an editor...), it isn't clunky like nano, and isn't an desktop environment like Emacs. Don't get me wrong, I can and have used all three of those extensively but to this day, I request joe on any machine I am working on more than once.

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