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Comment: Go Greenlight (Score 5, Informative) 200

As a Wilson Resident, I can say confidently...

The local bank (BB&T) couldn't get speeds fast enough to do business.
The city ran fiber and put in great speeds - residential basic is 10/10 and business is even better.

Time Warner - the local incumbent cable cried bloody murder while they offered nothing close.

Any problems? call a local number and talk to someone local and problem gets solved.

Comment: #betasucks (Score 1) 2219

by poeman (#46185565) Attached to: Slashdot Tries Something New; Audience Responds!

Frankly Slashdot, this site used to be a daily visit (probably more). What is wrong with the design currently, nothing. The problem is with the content and the blatant ad stories. Please don't ruin slashdot (as it remains) with a stupid site re-design like was done to DIGG.

The BETA SUCKS. seriously, it just sucks.

Comment: A View from the inside of insanity (Score 1) 637

by poeman (#44560915) Attached to: Medical Costs Bankrupt Patients; It's the Computer's Fault

Healthcare billing is seriously F####d

For example, we had the bureaucrats put in place the NPI or National Provider Identification number. Great. Now for every tax id number I have, I will have one provider number instead of 40, 50, 500, etc.

Except, the bureaucrats don't know that the Medicare/Medicaid/etc systems are still run with 50 year old COBOL code and they can't do that.

So, we are forced to "sub-part". Now for every legacy provider number we had, we now have a brand new NPI number.

The healthcare software billing systems in GOVT are seriously fubar'd.

NC has new medicaid system that "I S##T you knot" is written partially in cobol.

CSC NCTRACKS if you want to google.

Seriously - it may be a software problem that enables them to fix (temporarily) a political problem.

Comment: Re:Clip (Score 1) 1862

by poeman (#42596341) Attached to: 3D Printable Ammo Clip Skirts New Proposed Gun Laws

How is this informative?

Here's the deal right now. Some places raised prices ( and others didn't (much).
The problem is it is very hard to find anything in stock. Yes, you can still get $150 lowers, but the entire
market is in a panic buying mode.

5.56 ammo? Uh, unless you're lucky, you're not finding that either. As soon as anyone gets some in, it's
snatched up. Even steel-case wolf that was like 20-25 cents a round last month is now nearly 75 cents and rising.

Also, unless you're just misunderstanding "Magazine" vs "Stripper Clip", please tell me where you buy ammo already in mags? No, you bought a ammo can full of lake city 855 on 10 round stripper clips, 3 clips to a cardboard box.

Yes, if you watch carefully and buy quickly, you can still get mags. Last month you could get Gen2 PMAGs for $10 each. Now even if you can find them, they are a minimum of $15. Most are selling privately for $30 each and up.

The wages of sin are high but you get your money's worth.