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Comment: thus is why I 3 archlinux (Score 3, Informative) 445

by pobudz (#15536115) Attached to: Linux Annoyances For Geeks
So far I see complaints about: recompiling kernel/drivers and windows... and, then there was Arch.

I introduce you to the 'hwd' package.

Hmm my ethernet card isnt working.
> hwd -ec
(probes lshwd based on tables for usb pcmcia and pci and loads appropriate modules if not already loaded)

Hmm I can't get xorg to work.
> hwd -xa
(probes monitor, writes xorg config)
> startx ... hey its working now (not ONCE has this failed me on multiple monitors including laptop LCDs and otherwise.

Anyone who updates their kernel EVERYTIME a new patch or release comes out is retarded. Typically I wait for a new 2.6. before I even touch it. But in the case of those who like it...

> Pacman -Syu
(syncs db, downloads files and seeks and downloads dependencies, checks for conflicts, installs packages)
All done. One command, and.... done. Upgrades the entire system... gcc/kernel/nvidia (or ati),etc in one command. No rebooting just make sure if you run a kernel update to update lilo/grub conf and for precaution... stop all running services that you don't need for just running updates.

No need to recompile anything... because that's just how life is with Arch.

[Crash programs] fail because they are based on the theory that, with nine women pregnant, you can get a baby a month. -- Wernher von Braun