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Comment: Re:Just like "free" housing solved poverty! (Score 1) 254

by pnutjam (#48268815) Attached to: Power and Free Broadband To the People
Thanks for that.

The other thing I see complaints about, poors with nice cars, or poors with nice phones is akin to saying this broken tv worked yesterday? Everything has a moment when it goes from working to broken and many people have a moment when they go from poor to unpoor or unpoor to poor. Sometimes you seesaw back and forth.

It's hard to know what it's like to live like that without seeing it up close.
Saving a windfall makes great sense when you have enough coming in each month. When you don't have enough, that becomes an opportunity to catch up. It might be better to buy a new car you can rely on instead of buying a used car that you might not have funds to fix. Even if you "save" those funds they probably won't be there because things come up and eat those saving away.

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by pnutjam (#48260727) Attached to: Location of Spilled Oil From 2010 Deepwater Horizon Event Found
I think someone should make a list of the advertisers for radio shows that purport to be about news. I'm sure there is some sort of correlation between the quality of products advertised and the average intelligence (or maybe education) of the listener.
While NPR doensn't have too many advertisers, you certainly don't hear the local rent to own place supporting their pledge drive.

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That's true. I'm cleaning out my in-laws hoarder stash right now. I don't think this hoarder stash is the American Dream. To me, the American Dream is having the freedom to do what you want, make a hoarder stash, live a frugal life, raise 19 kids, live on a farm and raise your own food. Whatever, it's all good.

My point has more to do with you getting more comfortable in your own skin and not comparing yourself all the time.

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