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Comment: Re:It is not just the "extra" channels... (Score 1) 108

by pnutjam (#47907871) Attached to: Verizon Working On a La Carte Internet TV Service
If it's so easily replicable, why hasn't it been replicated?
Hulu, more expensive and always has ads even with subscription.
Amazon, expensive up front or per episode costs.
Apple, expensive per episode pricing.
others, no selection or commercials.

In all, I find netflix's back catalog very compelling and well worth $7 / month. The original programming is icing on the cake.

Comment: Re:Unseal the documentation too (Score 1) 200

Labor value has been significantly less then capital value for a long time, by design.
IMHO, this is bullshit, but it goes back to at least the vilification of the labor movement in the 40's. It continues today, with wealthy "capitalists" convincing working people to forego their best interests because of whatever single issue they can get people worked up about. Obamacare, abortion, drugs, welfare cheats; all of these are social issues designed to distract. Even crime, terrorism, and our recent wars are blown way out of proportion to give people something to argue about.

Comment: Re:Seriously? (Score 2) 116

by pnutjam (#47815763) Attached to: E-Books On a $20 Cell Phone
My daughters school required Ipads this year, which parents had to either purchase or rent. They indicated they would offset books by using resources on the Ipad, since the rental fee was about the same as book fees usually are.
Oddly enough, when book fees came out, hers were twice the normal amount.

Comment: Re:Diet is very important. (Score 1) 587

by pnutjam (#47806577) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study
Out here in the real word, feeling full does matter. Even if you don't eat more, hungry kids are more easily distracted and have trouble learning. Hungry co-workers can be crabbier and less pleasant to e around.

The instant you discount people's feeling you are off the rails and into spherical cow territory.

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