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Comment Working on this (Score 1) 297

I've actually been working on this off-and-on for a while, I'm hoping we can release some beta code soon. Currently developing it on Linux, but planning to release OSX and Windows versions, too. We're caching reads and writes, and only the blocks that are most frequently used, plus various other SSD-relevant optimisations. The block allocation logic is pretty complex (and I'm too busy with work), which is why it's been taking so long.

Comment Re:Backup (Score 1) 520

You're right, of course. I should have said I don't run an antivirus application for continuous scanning in the background, which is what actually causes the slowdown. I do have a scanner installed and let it do a system scan occasionally. I only actually use Windows once a month or so, and it generally doesn't talk to the outside world much. I'm prepared to take that small risk.

Interesting stuff about the mp3s though, I didn't know there were any mp3 viruses 'in the wild'. (not that I listen to music in Windows, or download MP3s)


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