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Comment: Depends Where You Are (Score 1) 367

by pmgarvey (#38678860) Attached to: Approximately how speedy is your Internet connection?
I just today returned to university for the new term, so am on its blazingly fast connection. Half the year I'm on a much slower home connection. I assume the poll is talking about home connections but unless you spend your evenings glued to the computer you may well use a connection just as much at work.

Comment: Depends Who I'm Talking To (Score 1) 639

by pmgarvey (#38447958) Attached to: In the simplistic left/right divide, I'd call myself

Where I'm originally from I'm seen as pretty right wing, then I moved to a very different city and was seen as very left wing. I've noticed while people describe themselves as left or right if they say you're left wing or right wing what they mean is "You're left/right of me", even if you're still closer to them than to average.

I'm also open to the possibility I'm just really argumentative and contrary, and love disagreeing with the views of my friends.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 5, Insightful) 387

by pmgarvey (#38297140) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Ubuntu Lockdown Options?

Firstly the submitter didn't say if this was a programming exam, or what it was. It could be a test on memorising the capitals of African countries.

But more importantly is that allowing access to the internet doesn't just allow things like documentation, and other resources I might have in the workplace, but might allow me to ask my friend to email the entire solution, or even send the question to a guy in India and get the solution back for a fee. It's a comprimise between testing some memorisation and in the cases of some students, testing nothing at all.

Comment: Re:Here's a tip (Score 1) 297

by pmgarvey (#38133656) Attached to: How To Get Into an Elite Comp-Sci Program
Maybe that's how it works in the USA but not over here. I go to one of the best universities here, and it's a "well known fact" that everyone has to do loads of extracurriculars to get in. I did barely any (or at least any that were recognisable enough to put on the application), and still got in ahead of those who were attempting to game the system. I later asked my tutor about it, he just said what I'd suspected, they don't care about all that stuff, they didn't bring you in to chat with you about your hobbies, all they care about is aptitude and passion for the course (notable exceptions things like medicine where you can't just be overly obsessed with biology and have no personal skills). Lots of people here now had lots of extracurriculars yes, but in reality its largely because a) they got them because they thought they needed them or more often b) they're just people who like doing lots of interesting things, and have the time-management to do so.

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