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Comment No p values? And more questions (Score 1) 263

How did they randomize the subjects? They also first picked the subjects before selecting the hypothesis which I find odd. Did they skew the hypothesis to meet the population?

What is the definition of DevOps? How cvan you discriminate between DevOps and no DevOps environments? I assume it is a spectrum, how is that controlled? What was the control in the study?

Comment Re:The F-35 is having problems? (Score 1) 178

If you look at it it is essentially 3 aircraft. Different airframes, avionics, wing geometries etc. VTOL, regular runway, and carrier capability. The last it was tried was with the F-4 and it failed in it's original goals of interchangeable parts and sate of the art tech as well ( the expensive Sparrow missile dod not work correctly for about 10 years).

A total fuck up if there was one.

Comment Re:Perfect Timing (Score 2) 470

Amazon Flex won't release their contract. My email exchange with them resulted in this reply:

"When you come to our onboarding session and download the app, you can review the Terms of Service. "

Why should I make any sort of commitment before seeing the contract? What if I have to sign an NDA so I canot share the information? They could easily post it on their website, after all they are a tech company. I feel like they do not want to deal on a level playing field with me.

Comment Amazon won't release their contract (Score 1) 145

I emailed them and here was their response.
"When you come to our onboarding session and download the app, you can review the Terms of Service. "

Not good if you want to study it before making a commitment. Also, if you down load it what if they force you into an NDA?

Comment Re:Future Challenges (Score 1) 300

"Human knowledge is doubling at about every three years"

Knowledge or information. There is a difference.

" If you want great trumpet players you must train many thousands of trumpet players for several years for the great ones to rise from the mundane players"

How do we do that? Music is usually optional, trumpet playing even more so.

"If we train 30 million young people to very high levels of programming we will see programming super stars emerge"

Once again, how do we do that? What is the definition of "very high level"?

"There is no way to send reliable messages from afar to such war weapons"

Yes there is. We currently do it. We even control Mars explorers remotely and have encryption algorithms which are nigh impossible to crack in real time.

You have no clue as to what you are saying.

If it has syntax, it isn't user friendly.