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Comment Re:Keeping up (Score 2) 242

It's not rocket science. Anyone unable or willing to retrain themselves as tech shifts is useless. The best part is that if you stick around all the old tech comes back which then gives you an 'edge'. MongoDB? That's just hierarchical databases with poor ACID compliance. Graph DBs? Those were once called network DBs. Functional programming is in vogue again. Craplets are back as apps. VMs? See IBM VM OS. Programming languages that compile to byte code? See UCSD Pascal. And 90% of the code I see written by both myself and others could still be written in COBOL.

Comment Education is a hard problem (Score 1) 57

It has a host of psychological,political, economic, and sociological factors which cannot be addressed by technology alone. Anyone who thinks that throwing a bunch of technology at the problem and then snapping their fingers to find everything fixed overnight is, to be charitable, arrogant or stupid.

There is no magic bullet.

Comment Re:... probably just a coincidence (Score 1) 80

"This is rarely the case with most software projects."
I have often argued that software is RnD not Engineering. Engineering implies using standard techniques to solve a problem. RnD creates methods to solve problems in ways never done before or solve problems which have never been solved before. If software exists, use it. That is Engineering. If it does not exist it must be created and since it has not been solved before it is RnD.

"The fundamental principle of science, the definition almost, is this: the sole test of the validity of any idea is experiment." -- Richard P. Feynman