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Comment Re:Programming is the tip of the ice berg (Score 1) 351 351

Startups BETTER think about it. Because sooner or later a real business may want to but the software or the startup. Then they need to learn real software development.

I know a guy who did do some iPhone apps. He said if you want to sell them you need to understand what people want, how to solve their problem, how to fix it when a bug is found, how to create documentation so users aren't badgering you with how-to questions, etc. If you want to do real software you will have to do all or most of what I listed.

Comment Programming is the tip of the ice berg (Score 2) 351 351

What about requirements gathering? Business modeling? Testing? Versioning? Maintenance? Hosting? Building the app? Distributing the app.? Administering the build machines? Documentation? Communication and control of a project?

I'm sure I missed something. But there are a huge number of components to a reasonably sized software project. Programming is often the smallest, in numbers, slice of the task.

Comment Re:Here's the list (Score 5, Insightful) 118 118

What depresses me bout software is how often we JUST DO NOT LEARN! Yes I am shouting. I am frustrated by the situation. Software development seems to be riddled with arrogant know nothings who think they can cut corners or reinvent the wheel because doing the right way isn't "7337".

Software Development is not an Engineering discipline by any means, at best it is a craft, because the hard lessons are not explicitly taught to newbies who are not evaluated on how well they follow those practices and tests them on them as part of a core knowledge base. Which is how real Engineering disciplines do it.

Comment Re:Retired Mechanic Says... (Score 1) 83 83

The other intesting thing is that before $4/gal oil Ford retooled to modernize and create options so they could move away from over reliance on SUVs. People at GM and Chrysler thought they were nuts. Then the recession hit and $4/gal gas. Of the big 3 they did not require a bail out.

I attribute it to being largely controlled by the Ford family which often produces motivated and capable execs. for the Company.

Comment Re:Ever heard of the FREE MARKET? (Score 3) 83 83

"If they were truly motivated by profits, they would make a safe product."

In the real world corporations and the rich have always been happy to trade lives for profits or quarterly bonuses; hence we have FTC, FDA, OSHA, MSHA, FRRC, EPA, as well as state level agencies. See also the recent BP oil spill, the Piper Alpha disaster, salmonella outbreaks, and a host of others.

"Facts are stupid things." -- President Ronald Reagan (a blooper from his speeach at the '88 GOP convention)