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Comment: Re:Optimizing the driver stack... (Score 1) 80

by plonk420 (#47163315) Attached to: AMD, NVIDIA, and Developers Weigh In On GameWorks Controversy
what driver issues? i have yet to see gaming related drivers issues...

launch day games i've tried with no issues on my 5870 include BF3 (includling "paid beta"), Sup Com 2, Starcraft 2a, Portal 2, Crysis 2 trial, NFS: Shift, Metal Gear Rising, Borderlands 2, Skyrim*, Train Simulator 2014* (* = launch + 1 month)

only issues i've had were a few demoscene nvidia-favoring demos and bitcoin-related OpenCL driver combinations.

Comment: Re:history (Score 1) 87

by plonk420 (#42927621) Attached to: Unigine's Newest Benchmark Features Huge, Open-Space Expanses
from Pixar-sponsored, check out (2011) Numb Res by Fairlight (yes, that one) and CNCD; requires DX10 (or check out 2010's Agenda Circling Forth without the GPU-crushing endbit)... Epsilon (2011, 64k) for tasty ray tracying (or google "pouet photon race 2") ... (2010, best effects) FR-063 also has GPU physics. and (2009, 4k) Elevated has an insane amount of content for 4k.

off-scene/pouet, there's Separable Subsurface Scattering (Real Time). semi-raytracingish, there's Rigid Gems

Comment: What issues? (Score 1) 213

other than Rage, i haven't come across any game-interrupting issues. and i was even running old-ass drivers most of the time (6-9 months old usually).

i always bring up launch day/early access games i haven't had issues with: the Crysis 2 demo, Starcraft 2, BF3, NFS: Shift, Alan Wake, Supcom 2. sadly, i was a bit late with Skyrim, getting in at v1.2.

Comment: Re:"blind ABx tests" ? (Score 1) 382

i second this. were they your own encodes? Lame 3.98 is pretty much the best MP3 encoder out there. there are some compiles of it that you just drag a WAV (not sure about FLAC) onto it (lamedropXPd). make sure you're using V2 quality, if not V0.

if you can hear the difference, well, i tip my hat.

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