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+ - Iranian cyber army strikes again -- hitting VoA->

Submitted by
angry tapir
angry tapir writes: "The pro-Iran hacktivist group that defaced the Baidu and Twitter Web sites a year ago has hit another target: the U.S. Government's Voice of America news site. Voice of America was knocked offline temporarily after hackers were able to change the organization's DNS (Domain Name System) settings, redirecting Web traffic hitting Voice of America sites to another site controlled by the hackers."
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+ - Cell Phone Use Tied to Changes in Brain Activity->

Submitted by Takichi
Takichi writes: The New York Times is reporting on research linking cell phone use and increased metabolism, with high statistical significance, in the areas of the brain close to the antenna. The study was led by Dr. Nora D. Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, and is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The impact, good or bad, of the increased stimulation is speculative, but this research shows there is a direct relationship between cell phone signals and the brain that warrants further study.
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+ - New Video Game Controlled by Kissing->

Submitted by unassimilatible
unassimilatible writes: Artist Hye Yeon Nam has put her video game where her mouth is -" literally — with the creation of a new bowling game that's controlled only by passionate (and awkward) French kissing. The Kiss Controller, as it's so called, has two components: a headset that functions as a sensor receiver and a magnet that provides the sensor input, Time reports. Could this be the first example of technology that Slashdotters will be unable to use, as they likely won't be able to get a controller?
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Comment: Interesting piece out of Canada (Score 1) 360

by plik (#34255402) Attached to: Is the Number Up For the Residential Phone Book?

I find it interesting that the Yellow Pages aren't mentioned, which may as well have an even lower saturation rate. I really enjoyed this post on GOOD yesterday.

Video: Canadians Return Hundreds of Phone Books to Yellow Pages Office


+ - Massive Intel Price Drop In Late July

Submitted by
mrneutron2004 writes: "It looks like those crazy Japanese guys that love ticking off Intel, HKEPC have ran across data on Intel's upcoming July 22 price drop. OEM Quantity pricing of Q6600 Kentsfield Quad Core will apparently be $266. We're saving our pennies for a few of these. If you thought AMD was under pressure now, wait till July. el-price-drop-in-late-july.html?Itemid=60"

+ - PS3 Causes Huge Loss For Sony

Submitted by mrneutron2004
mrneutron2004 writes: Sony, the worlds 2nd largest consumer electronics maker, posted it's worst quarterly loss in 4 years. Sony reported losing roughly $630 million in the quarter ending March 31. Sony had some successes in it's Bravia TV division and certainly made mad bank off of Spiderman 3, but neither was enough of a success to offset the PS3's massive drag on earnings. huge-loss-for-sony.html?Itemid=60

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