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Comment: Linux N00b here... (Score 0) 766

by pleasenopuffin (#31215804) Attached to: Which Linux For Non-Techie Windows Users?
I consider myself a Linux noob, as I have only had a year experience with a distribution I have found satisfactory. I have had experience with it since 1998, but as an average non-enthusiastic user I did not use it regularly until this past year. I bought a Dell9 with Ubuntu, and I have had the most minimal amount of problems with it of all distributions (having used Suse, Mandriva/Mandrake, Fedora, Redhat, and Ubuntu). It does have its occasional issue, but nothing that requires much terminal use. So how does the "average user" feel about linux? Not too good. As far as ease of use for someone with little experience, I have yet to find a distribution that compare even closely to OS X or Windows. It's getting there, but it still has a long way to go.

Comment: Re:Maybe the Swiss just know what they want? (Score 0) 245

I couldn't agree with you more. You can't blame microsoft for providing a product that people feel comfortable and familiar with using. Why switch when everything is dandy. IMHO, for the common user, Linux is no replacement. Think of the costs associated with familiarizing the staff with Linux. You can't expect people to just switch and learn on his or her own. Personally, I have been attempting to switch on my own, and I just don't see it happening. I'll stick to my mac mini with 10.5 and win7.

Comment: Re:Ask Google/Yahoo/Baidu (Score 0) 383

by pleasenopuffin (#26953347) Attached to: Is Flash Really On 99% of Net Devices?
Well this all depends on how you look at their study. If you take it as "internet viewers" then yes, you are right. There's quite a large number of "internet viewers" who cannot use flash ie G1's, iPhones, ipod touches, Blackberries, smartphones in general. According to there were 32.2 million smartphones sold in 2008. That's quite a number of devices incapable of flash. If you look at their data, they talk about PC's not internet devices; so they may be right. They appear to be misleading in their term "internet viewers"

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