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Comment Re:let's analyze this (Score 1) 544

And that "something else" should not be taught in science class. It should be taught in the "something else" class.

Fair enough. Then science classes should always teach that science may not hold every answer to every thing.

Besides, no-one can ever get us all the answers. The Universe does not exist for the convenience of people. It's extremely likely that we'll never understand many things about the Universe

We agree.

falling back on silly fantasies is an infantile response to the great mysteries of the Universe.

Correct, iff the preferred "fantasy" isn't the ticket to an "afterlife". Some bet one way; some bet the other.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 544

Other modern translations: Ephesians: http://www.biblegateway.com/pa... Timothy: http://www.biblegateway.com/pa... The passage in Timothy is telling Christians to not complain, and to act in humility, even when they're being oppressed. The passage in Ephesians is saying the same thing. Here's the thing: Read 1 Peter 2:13: http://www.biblegateway.com/pa... which tells Christians to obey the law. In the old days, the law allowed for slaves; in the present day, it doesn't. The point is to always obey the law. As for Revelation: Many down-to-earth Christians believe it cannot be interpreted correctly in the present day. Some believe it is talking about the past; some believe it is a prophesy of things to take place in the future. No one who's emotionally healthy believes it's a literal book. Additionally, all that passage is implying is that (1) there is a creator, (2) he doesn't like those personality traits, (3) people with those traits are not going to be saved from [either the Earth's eventual destruction or "hell", I'm not quite clear on that].

Comment Re:With respect, Christians disagree (Score 0) 544

Many evangelicals have mental health issues, sadly. It's one of the bigger problems with that group. I don't have enough information, after reading Genesis, to assert that it's a literal account of creation; therefore, I don't. The Bible we have now is certainly a human work. The most-reasonable Christians, in my opinion, say that the original manuscripts are inerrant and there may be some (plenty of?) mistranslations and misunderstandings in the versions we read today. And the new testament isn't pro-slavery, at all. I've never got that impression from reading it; however, I do feel that it emphasizes humility, whether or not you're being oppressed. I enjoyed this read: http://enrichmentjournal.ag.or...

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