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Comment: Re:Hardware (Score 1) 127

by plasmana (#37545226) Attached to: Microsoft Begins Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) Rollout
I used to have a Palm Treo running Windows Mobile. I hated it so much I bought my first Apple product. The iPhone was infinitely better! Traded the iPhone in for a Windows Phone. Now I could never go back to the iPhone, the Windows Phone is a significant upgrade! Haven't tried Android yet, but I have no complaints with my Focus so I can't see switching.

Comment: Re:365 (Score 1) 413

by plasmana (#37423468) Attached to: Microsoft: No Windows 8 ARM Support For x86 Apps
By twist, I am referring to the fullness of Microsoft's overarching strategy of making piles of money (which I don't begrudge them) on Windows and Office. I see a relationship between Office 365 and a version of Windows that doesn't run desktop Office. Most people aren't going to fret that their $400 (guessing) Win8 ARM tablet doesn't run Visual Studio or Photoshop, but their going to want some kind of access to Office. If they don't care about Office they'll probably just buy an iPad.

Comment: My buying experience (Score 5, Informative) 609

by plasmana (#34195806) Attached to: Did the Windows Phone 7 Bomb In the US?
I arrived at AT&T 10 minutes after they opened and they were sold out the 4 phones they had. I was the first person to get on the waiting list. There were 5 people behind me waiting to get on the list. They did receive one more phone that day and I got it. I suspect the demand was higher that day than the available inventory. As for the phone, I love it. Showed it to my wife and kids (14 & 16). The kids raved about it, and my wife (not a technology nerd) was surprised she like it so much versus her iPhone (3G). The UI is very slick, usable and responsive. This is not your typical Microsoft version 1 product. It feels a lot more like it came from a first class consumer electronics company than a business software company.

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