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Comment Re:I think... (Score 1) 113

But you were trying to argue that "search" isn't a market, and that Google has thousands of competitors since thousands of people sell advertising. The point is that only a handful of people sell sponsored links in their searches; it is a distinct market.

I neither "tried" nor "argued" anything. I very successfully stated that "search" isn't a "product".

When was the last time you bought a search from Google? Answer, you never have. What version of Google search are you using? You have no idea. What is a product is the people who are searching. Just like billboard companies don't sell the billboards, they sell the number of eyes that will see the billboard. The search engine is just the carnival hawker getting people to come visit. Search is an effective way of generating traffic, so is a map service, free email hosting and free blogs. As long as it gets butts in pews as the saying goes.

Make no mistake, "search" isn't the product, and that is a fact.

Comment Re:Logistics? (Score 1) 941

I doubt they intended to watch kids regularly...even "problem" kids. But perhaps if the kid was playing hooky then they might have thought it'd be okay to turn it on, find where they are and inform the parents.

The naivety of this statement is absolutely mind blowing.

Comment Re:US Law (Score 1) 234

A list of interesting names is not a fact in that it is formed by the creative selection of names by a person or group of people.

As soon as you created the list, it's a fact.

Close, but wrong.

As soon as you created the list, it's a fact that you created a list. The list of facts doesn't suddenly become a fact in and of itself.

Comment Re:Inaccurate? (Score 1) 354

In wine, having an app that was intended for an entirely different operating system actually work just blows my mind. i would never think to complain to the wine team that "x program won't work"

Complaining that "x program" doesn't work yesterday, is why wine works today. The difference between complaining in the F/OSS world and complaining in the windows world:

Complaining in the World of Windows = getting at best a rebate on your next purchase, and it's STILL buggy and broken until the next realease.

Complaining in the F/OSS world = getting the problem FIXED.

Comment Re:The Best Defense is Offense (Score 1) 232

I've got a question. Where did the parent say anything about "disappearing" anybody?

The solution is to make the bad guys "disappear," not to seek out "justice." Why the hell would Elbonia care if some local scumbags show up dead in a gutter somewhere?

Um, right there? You know, the ENTIRE post?

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."