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Comment yippee (Score 0, Flamebait) 169

Its the same basic stuff we use today with color graphics thrown in for a thrill. The appeal of this sort of thing is really odd.

It begs the question:
Why are we still stuck with this archaic style of operating system after all these decades ?
Its so dated in the face of todays needs that we are supplementing file browsing with a brute force string search
to find our stuff. Funnier still we tout this crude bandaid on defunct technology as new and innovative technology.

I once thought that computer technology would amount to something in my lifetime.
Now we sit around waiting for the year of the Linux desktop, the free version of 40 year old shit.
I don't understand why it wasn't being given away 20 years ago.

Intel CPUs are not defective, they just act that way. -- Henry Spencer