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+ - OpenNMS celebrates 10 years!->

Submitted by mjhuot
mjhuot (525749) writes "Quite often is it claimed that pure open source projects can't survive, much less grow and create robust code. One counter example of this is OpenNMS, the world first enterprise grade network management application platform developed under the open source model.

Registered on 30 March 2000 on Sourceforge as project 4141, today the gang threw a little party, with members virtually attending from around the world.

With the right business savvy and a great community, it is possible to both remain 100% free and open source while creating enough value to make a good living at it."

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+ - MS: Vista More Secure than Linux, Mac OS X->

Submitted by
AlexGr writes "This article by Lisa Vaas (eWeek) should spark some discussion! News Analysis: Windows Vista only had 12 vulnerabilities in its first six months, making Linux distros look buggy by comparison, but analysts aren't convinced. According to the numbers given in a new report from Microsoft, Windows Vista has blown away all the major enterprise Linux distributions and Mac OS X as far as having the smallest amount of serious security vulnerabilities in the six months since its release. The numbers were compiled by Jeff Jones, the security strategy director in Microsoft's Trustworthy Computing Group.,1895,2149391, p"
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+ - Session Hijacking possible in Orkut due to a bug->

Submitted by
tomcataxis writes "A security flaw in Orkut has been disclosed by Susam Pal, Vipul Agarwal and Gauav Mogre which can be exploited to hijack sessions. When a user logs out of Orkut, his session does not expire at the server side. So if an attacker manages to steal the session cookie from another user, he can gain access to the compromised account even after the user has logged out. Cookies can be stolen by persuading users to click on malicious links or run malicious javascript code. The three researchers suggest the users to take the following precautions to protect their accounts from the attackers. 1. One should not run any untrusted JavaScript, program, etc. 2. On a shared system, the user must log out of Orkut by clicking the "Logout" link. This would delete the session cookies at the browser."
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+ - A potential solution to the black hole information->

Submitted by darkstar949
darkstar949 (697933) writes "One of the biggest paradoxes in physics is the black hole information paradox, but new research from a team of physicists at Case Western Reserve University may have resolved it. They have purposed that information is not lost in black holes because nothing ever crosses the event horizon, and if this theory is correct then it could be the solution to one of the biggest paradoxes encountered in modern physics."
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+ - Video Games Console 'Chipping' Criminals BUSTED->

Submitted by
Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward writes "On Reported.

Yesterday saw the successful launch of a new multifaceted crime-fighting initiative in which three people from the North East of England were put under investigation for producing and selling modified games chips and 'chipped' Nintendo® Wii(TM) and DS(TM), Microsoft® 360(TM) and Xbox®, and Sony® PlayStation®2 and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) consoles.
I do not have a problem with Mod 'Chipping' I like Mod Chips. I have one on my Xbox not for using pirated games, but for using EvolutionX menu system and functions. At the Time my son was 8 when I did this and well, he was not the best for taking care of his game CDs. With the help of the mod chip I was able to make back ups of his games and place them on the hard drive. I can play Homebrew games along with using it as a media player (Scheduled recording, fast forward, rewind, pause Live TV, almost like a TiVo)."

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BBC Threatened Over iPlayer Format 269

Posted by kdawson
from the and-watch-out-for-apple-with-that-name dept.
greengrass sends us to coverage in The Register of the Open Source Consortium's threatened anti-trust challenge against the BBC over its use of Windows Media format in its on-demand service, iPlayer. From the article: "The OSC will raise a formal complaint with UK broadcast and telecoms watchdog Ofcom next week, and has vowed to take its accusations to the European Competition Commission if domestic regulators do not act. The OSC compared the situation to the European Commission's prosecution of Microsoft over its bundling of Windows Media Player with Windows."

+ - Atlantis lands smoothely at Edwards Airport->

Submitted by
Abhishek writes "Space Shuttle Atlantis landed smoothely at Edwards Air Force Base, California concluding a successful assembly mission to the International Space Station. Mission Specialists Patrick Forrester, John "Danny" Olivas, Jim Reilly and Steven Swanson conducted a total of four spacewalks to activate the S3/S4 and to retract the P6 arrays. During the third spacewalk, Olivas repaired an out of position thermal blanket on the left orbital maneuvering system pod. Landing also marked the end of a record-setting spaceflight by Mission Specialist Suni Williams. She broke the record for the longest spaceflight by a woman early in the morning on June 16."
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Linux Business

+ - Best open-source virtualisation solution?

Submitted by
wikinerd writes "I am looking for a fast virtualisation solution supporting Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 64bit with file-based storage or LVM. Apart from speed and OS, my other requirements are that the project must be released as free software under GPL or open-source under BSDL or similar licence, and that the project must be developed by a strictly non-commercial 'hacker-ethics' community. I am using Xen at the moment, and it works great, but I wish to keep my eyes open for any other alternatives satisfying my criteria. What would you suggest?"

"What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite." -- Bertrand Russell, _Sceptical_Essays_, 1928