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Comment Re:I quit trying to organize my songs long time ag (Score 1) 360

1. Confusing composer with artist. If the song is a remix, the artist is the remixer. The original artist is the composer.

No, the original artist is the original artist (ID3v2.2 tag TOA, ID3v2.3 tag TOPE). They may also be the composer, but that is by no means certain.

2. Genres are fuzzy. Lots of songs fit into many genres. Picking a single genre is inaccurate at best. Sadly the id3 spec only lets us pick one, so I comma separate them out of protest.

No, the ID3v2.2 and ID3v2.3 specs let you select multiple genres, or even mix multiple pre-defined ones with a custom one. One thing they do fall down on is defining how to tag a song with multiple custom genres.

3. The infamous "Various Artists" artist. Likewise with genres, I comma separate artists because the id3 spec doesn't let us add multiple artists.

No, ID3v2.2 and ID3v2.3 specify that multiple artists should be separated with a / character.

It may be that the vendors don't follow the spec, but you're being very unjust in blaming the authors of a spec with you obviously haven't read.

Comment Re:Penalty for obvious false claims (Score 2) 97

How would that help? Barratry is only relevant when suits are being filed, and that's not the case with DMCA abuse. They don't take you to court: they just threaten to take the host to court, and the host folds because they don't see it as their fight.

Comment Re:Copyright trolls are rampant on YouTube, making (Score 3, Interesting) 97

Reading your comment brings back the memories of when I was briefly working on a Drupal project. The firm impression I came away with is that the Drupal community prefers to document things by making a half-hour video rather than by writing a page of text, even though written documentation could be read and re-read several times in the time it takes to watch the video.

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