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Comment: Re:Not a fan (Score 1) 304

by pjbgravely (#48897119) Attached to: Government Recommends Cars With Smarter Brakes
I think you mean stability control, not traction control. Most drivers would be in big trouble in tripod mode in what I am assuming is a hot hatch.

You will need to pull the fuse on the stability control or keep your fast driving on the track where it belongs.

Imaging being in a Chevrolet Camaro, which is billed as a fast car, that blows it's side airbags in an autocross even because it thinks it is rolling over. Modern cars with their nanny controls are ruined for any kind of motor sports.

Comment: Re:Why would you want this? (Score 2) 178

by pjbgravely (#48885825) Attached to: New Nicotine Vaccine May Succeed Where Others Have Failed
I am still addicted but the thought of going back to being a 3rd class citizen keeps me from going back. I only have slight cravings when stress or needing to think clearer happens.

I was addicted to more than nicotine in cigarettes as nicotine replacement products only helped 1/2 my withdraw symptoms. Chantix got rid of my nausea, dizziness, and shaking. I only needed candy to get rid of the horrible taste in my mouth which only lasted 2 weeks. The memory problems took much longer but was worth it to not have to stand in the road.

Comment: Why the change (Score 0) 81

by pjbgravely (#48709777) Attached to: Ringing In 2015 With 40 Linux-Friendly Hacker SBCs
For years Slashdot has been using the term Hacker to mean someone who breaks into computer systems through a network. I know that is what the media thinks, but that doesn't make it correct.

Now suddenly they are using the old meaning of the term for people who like to make things work better by modifying hardware or software. I don't get it.

Comment: Re:I'm not sure what bothers me more, (Score 1) 613

by pjbgravely (#48297055) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?
Actually I just got a new job, it only took me 20 years. Most jobs have strict start stop times to allow overlap with the other shifts. Mine is strict except on the weekend, but a 2 minute commute makes up for it. Most stores have shifts that change a lot but I couldn't sell you as $100 bill for 50 dollars.

Comment: Re:I'm not sure what bothers me more, (Score 3, Interesting) 613

by pjbgravely (#48290765) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?
I would love to see the opposite, there is way too much daylight in the summer, but very little night sky for someone trapped in first shift like I. In the winter it would be nice to have at least an hour of sunlight when you get home for snowblowing.

In the summer it would be nice to have some dark before bed. I have been forced to sleep a few hours after work so I can get some time in the dark each day.

Comment: Re:What? (Score 1) 555

by pjbgravely (#48192053) Attached to: Debian's Systemd Adoption Inspires Threat of Fork
I presently run Ubuntu server for my home server becouse it was quick to build a headless system with no GUI. It seems the new Ubuntu server has a GUI now and is bult for being a cloud base. Now it looks like I will have to find a new distro in 3 years.

I left Ubuntu on the desktop years ago becouse it became unusable. I went to Debian sid and let it upgrade to systemd, and so far it makes boots longer and kills the network most of the time.

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