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Comment Re:The Commit Message (Score 1) 572

I had them set not to auto mount on boot but systemd mounts them anyway, the same for CD/DVD and flash drives. They all auto mount when I don't want them too. My next build I am going to try to remove systemd and use a DE like enlightenment as it seems Mate is systemd dependent.

Systemd on servers, I hope I can easily get away from that when I have to upgrade.

Comment Re:The Commit Message (Score 1) 572

I have never seen this quick reboot option people keep talking about.

I run Debian Sid ( yes I know that maybe the problem) and since SystemD was installed, my bi-monthly reboots are slow in the order of 2 to 5 minutes.

What is happening is that systemd is not turning the network on correctly, and it waiting forever to mount the NFS shares. When it finally gives up, I just open up a terminal, ifdown eth0, then ifup eth0 and all is well. I guess systemd can't handle a static IP on a desktop.

Comment Re:Douchebag Editors (Score 1) 292

They are all tropical cyclones, and actually East Pacific cyclones are called hurricanes. These are mid to West Pacific storms being called hurricanes.

I figured it out, because the average TV viewer, and apparently Slashdot user, wouldn't know the difference they are just calling them hurricanes to avoid having to explain it every time.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 747

I am confused. Can I call "su root" and get a full root shell? Are they just hijacking "su [blank name] which goes to root by default? Most peaple think su means super user when in fact it means switch user. I might be safe becouse I always use the name even when it is root.

Comment Re:mandate? (Score 1) 193

You are right, I haven't looked at any really modern mother boards, my 4 year old board has one DVI output, So I put in 2 video cards so I can have 4 screens, my next box I will limit to 3 video cards, 5 seems like overkill. I just looked at an expensive MB with Intel graphics , it had 2 screen capability.

Comment Re:you wouldn't mind showing your work (Score 1) 486

Plants need about 200ppm CO2 to survive. At 400ppm presently, we can use 1/2. Crude oil use is atabout 4 Billion metric tons a year. Half of the approximate total mass of CO2 in the atmosphere is 8820 Billion metric tons. They don't say how much CO2 needed per unit of Diesel, so I have to guess 4 to 1. I now get 551 years worth of diesel if it replaced all crude oil use so I have to admit I was wrong.

Yes I skipped all the volume to mas conversions, and I have to get to work soon so it was rushed. I have never received more than 3 replies to a comment before so forgive me for my slowness.

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