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Comment: Re:Its a start (Score 1) 135

Oh, but that's exactly the point here. I guess these three providers handle about 80% of germanies email traffic.

So a lot of mail traffic went directly from T-Online to Web.de. And these three companies were unable (or unwilling) to activate TLS in their configs until now.

Comment: Re:There will be no GNOME 4. (Score 1) 378

by pizzap (#38324920) Attached to: GNOME 3 Wins Linux Journal's Readers' Choice Award

Gnome 3 is great. I'm looking forward to the next release. I used Unity for two days and switched.

I'm certain the Gnome team will get most issues fixed soon, as did the KDE team with their 4.0 version.

Gnome is still heavily backed by Redhat, as Unity is by Ubuntu. And seriously, who do you think will write the better code?

Comment: Mint is to Ubuntu, as Ubuntu is to Debian? (Score 1) 685

by pizzap (#38028620) Attached to: Linux Mint: the New Ubuntu?

Isn't Mint just a fork from Ubuntu with a few extra packages in the repository and a few homebrewn apps?

My guess is, people 'flock' to Mint, because Mint 11 is still on Gnome 2. Last time I checked Mint application version numbers were far behind Ubuntu.

I just want to go back to Debian unstable, but I'm soooo lazy.

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