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Comment: Re:Good idea (Score 2) 439

Most mail needs to go into a "we'll deliver it when most cost effective; max of 14 days".

I really like this idea. Seems like they'd be spending resources where they are really needed. Rural places like where I live would get less frequent deliveries than cities and I'm okay with that. Like you mentioned, there's First Class if you really need something delivered soon-ish. To some degree, this system is already appearing with the end of Saturday deliveries.

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Comment: Re:Who cares if we are hungry... (Score 1) 419

by pixr99 (#42858583) Attached to: Corn Shortage Hampers US Ethanol Production

Burning ethanol in your new Stihl does not void the warranty. Stihl allows E10 (10% ethanol) fuel to be used in their engines without affecting the warranty. Stihl Warranty FAQ

You are right about ethanol causing fuel to degrade much more rapidly. If it's going to sit for more than a month, you may run into trouble.

Comment: Re:US Only? (Score 1) 292

by pixr99 (#42668365) Attached to: Why You'll Pay For Netflix — Even If You Don't Subscribe To Netflix

RTFA. This is about a dedicated high speed connection only between the ISP and Netflix.

Yes, it's called peering. If you're an ISP you should be looking at your throughput metrics and finding those autonomous systems with whom you're exchanging a bunch of traffic.

"Hey look, we're pulling in 7Gbps from this operation called Netflix. I wonder if they'd be open to the possibility of peering with us. It would save both of us money since all that traffic could be moved off of the links we have with our pay-for upstreams. As an added bonus, our customers would be connected to that content via a much shorter network path... a single AS!"

"What's this, OpenConnect you say? That's exactly what we want! It almost like those wacky kids at Netflix understand how the Internet is supposed to work."

Comment: Re:VMs (Score 1) 320

by pixr99 (#41851573) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Little Boxes Around the Edge of the Data Center?

But now, I think, maybe the HA people should try to virtualize their clusters. They have a huge amount of redundancy, and consolidating several virtual machines in a single real one can help them reduce their costs. (Ok, if you are in doubt, no, I'm not THAT stupid, it's a joke.)

There's nothing wrong with that at all provided you tell your environment that cluster members cannot be moved onto the same hardware. Try it. You'll like it!

Comment: Re:uh... (Score 1) 53

by pixr99 (#40762553) Attached to: iRobot's Robot Doc Is Ready To Heal You

i am going to go ahead and hold off on any surgeries where rp-kevorkian is assisting.

I agree. A telepresence robot is a poor choice for surgery. You also should not have it fetch beer from the fridge or groom your chinchilla. For robotic surgery, it is advised to use a robotic surgery robot. They tend to be more suited for the purpose (for whatever reason).

Comment: Re:Call center doctors (Score 2) 53

by pixr99 (#40762539) Attached to: iRobot's Robot Doc Is Ready To Heal You

Medical credentialing makes it difficult to off shore this type of work. A hospital would have to send each doctor who might "see" patients through their state's credentialing process before they could cover a shift. This is time consuming and is especially difficult since, to make the economics of this attractive, these "doctor call centers" would need to have a bunch of docs... possibly all of which may need credentialing if the possibility exists of them seeing your patients.

In a small rural hospital, devices like this would be used to provide specialty or sub-specialty services that the hospital wouldn't normally be able to offer its community since it's tough to get a cardiologist (or whatever) to move, along with his/her spouse, out to the sticks.

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