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User Journal

Journal: moded

Journal by pixieluv

I was unfairly modded a troll today!!!!

i am a troll for:
  YAY!!! (Score:0, Troll)
by pixieluv (806247) on Friday December 10, @11:43AM (#11052286)
I cant wait to see this movie!! It is gonna be soooooooo good :P Just look at Big Fish, Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Batman to name a few od Tim Burtons greatest movies!!! Tim Burton is the #1 best director and that trailor kix bum :)
"But i loveded you PIGGY I LOVEDED YOU!!!!!" *Gir*

i dont see how that is a troll :(

Theory is gray, but the golden tree of life is green. -- Goethe