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Comment: you are one NOT to talk (Score 1) 162

by pixeldot1213 (#1063732) Attached to: Jeffrey Zeldman Bites Back
After reading your post I decided to look at your site, just to see if you could back up your unbased and rather STUPID remarks.
Well to say the least I was not surprised, your site was UGLY, poorply laid out hard to navigate and plain BAD!
Mr. Nielsen is not the top authority on web design, his site is an eyesore there is absolutly no DESIGN in it, a five year old could make a better page.
It is not just about content it is the presentation of the content that matters. These so called cardinal sins are absolute bull shit and have no relevence to the real world of design what so ever, espicially if your so called web site is an example of a perfect page, and you are far from a web desiger, who are a wanna-be and frankly you suck at whatever you are trying to do.

so get a life and learn how to code and design.

oh yeah and I wouldn't want a narrow minded idiot like you viewing my web site.

The world is coming to an end. Please log off.