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Comment Re:Treating tenants like criminals (Score 1) 234

We tried this in our building for years. Problems: It's expensive to have maintenance clean up the dog poop (and the dog owners actually complained about the additional expense) and it's almost impossible to catch them in the act since they only do it when nobody's around. It sucks to have to use doggy DNA, but it sucks more to step in dog shit walking out your front door.

Comment Poop free, at least our sidewalk (Score 5, Informative) 234

I agree it's ridiculous to have to resort to doggy DNA but it's the only thing that finally forced dog owners in my building in Boston to stop letting their pets poop right in front of the building's door. Nobody wants to navigate a minefield of dog poop to get in or out of their home and it's incredibly frustrating and irritating that your fellow residents don't care enough to clean up after their dog.

What's really ridiculous is that Doggy DNA is necessary.

Comment Re:We stopped using TiVo (Score 1) 490

Yeah, tivos are expensive, I agree. I think you can find wifi adapters that will work for less than $70 though, mine was free with my tivo during a special offer.

The thing is, if you want the features tivo has, there's really nothing better. If you're fine with the what roku does then yeah, save your money.

Comment Re:We stopped using TiVo (Score 1) 490

I don't know for certain because I do have tivo service, but I'm pretty sure that you do need it to get movies. By the way, I bought tivo's "lifetime" service option. It's expensive, $300, but I was planning on keeping it long enough that I thought that it would eventually pay off. I'm not sure they even offer that anymore though.

Anyway, there are probably cheaper options if you only want movies.

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