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Comment Re:Thomas Edison ??? (Score 1) 124

exactly, edison was the one that burned cats with the "evil" alternative tesla current on public places... and is the one that "invented" electrocution... so i do find it revolting that his name ends up next to tesla's with the adjective pioneer...pffff on the other hand, though tesla experimented on wireless power transfer I have not seen any proof that he actually did it... there is much speculation about his work...does anyone have references that he actually proved it was possible? ...and also, tesla was seeking for a wireless power transfer, not because he was unable to imagine the "modern" ultra costly and barbaric infrastructure but because he believed that wireless transfer was the only way to provide electricity [and progress] to any how ever distant point of the world... he also talked about some kind of a resonator in frequency with the earths own oscilations that "could" make possible the transfer of power to any point of the would just need to plug to the ground....

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